NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced at IMS 2014 a series of innovative new solutions that consolidates the company’s leadership position in RF, with particular emphasis on enhancing the capabilities of wireless/cellular networks and digital broadcasting infrastructure. As the demand for high quality mobile data services explodes and new markets open up for digital TV and radio programming, NXP brings 50 years of expertise in RF to meet the power, quality, efficiency and cost challenges that network and service providers are facing today. In addition to showcasing its latest portfolio of RF products at IMS 2014 (booth 1733), the company will also be demoing a series of applications that highlight the possibilities of RF as an energy source.

Broadcast – TFF1044 Integrated Mixer Oscillator

NXP is launching the TFF1044, the world’s most integrated solution for QUAD LNB applications. NXP’s unique SiGe process has enabled this unrivalled level of integration, with the bias function as well as the full matrix for selecting one of the four incoming channels to any of the outputs combined in one device. Highly reliable and easy to implement, the TFF1044 offers satellite systems designers the ability to create a QUAD solution at half the board space of a typical discrete implementation.

Wireless/cellular Infrastructure - Gen9 LDMOS RF power transistors

NXP is announcing the launch of its ninth generation (Gen9) LDMOS RF power transistors for high-performance LTE base stations. These ground-breaking devices represent a further step-up in performance for LDMOS transistors, having shown up to 5% more efficiency in Doherty applications. The first Gen9 transistors are designed for Doherty applications – symmetric and asymmetric – and offer benchmark power densities in existing high-volume packages. The Gen9 technology is also optimized for operation at 3.4-3.8 GHz in anticipation of these frequency bands being released on a global scale next year for use by mobile telecoms providers.

Wireless/cellular Infrastructure – Plastic Portfolio

NXP will be highlighting the latest additions to its industry-leading portfolio of plastic transistors for wireless/cellular base stations. By replacing the traditional ceramic package with plastic, these transistors can reduce power amplifier costs by up to 30%. As such, NXP’s plastic portfolio has proved to be a particularly effective fit for cost-sensitive applications while delivering a good price/performance ratio. Plastic transistors are available from low to medium powers, and both single and dual stage, while the MMICs in this portfolio are optimized for Doherty performance in small cells.

Wireless/cellular Infrastructure – Small Cell Portfolio

NXP will also be highlighting the newest members of its family of LDMOS transistors, MMICs and iDPAs (integrated Doherty power amplifiers) specifically designed and optimized for small cell LTE base stations, including picocells and microcells. The RF power transistors in this portfolio span frequency ranges from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz and include the world’s first asymmetric MMICs, as well as low-cost, low-power plastic devices. In particular, for best performance in the receive chain, the BGU805x wideband LNA series offers very low noise figures, and has been in mass production since the end of 2013.

RF Energy

Building on its pioneering research and development in this area, NXP is demonstrating a wide range of applications at IMS 2014 that harness the power of RF as a clean, highly efficient and controllable energy source. Using NXP’s industry-first portfolio of RF power transistors designed specifically for the 2.45 GHz ISM frequency band, demos include: an RF spark plug for automotive engines; an RF plasma lamp delivering bright, sun-like light; and a solid-state cooker that can heat food safely and with incredible accuracy.

“From helping to build greener networks with more power-efficient solutions to reducing development and manufacturing lifecycles through superior device integration, NXP is a key partner for any company producing RF-based applications,” said Thijs Tullemans, international product marketing manager, RF power, NXP Semiconductors. “IMS 2014 provides us with a fantastic showcase for our latest innovations in RF, including our cutting edge RF energy demos, which highlight our commitment to developing smart solutions across all sectors of industry. Every device we offer builds on 50 years of RF leadership, ensuring that our customers get best-in-class products delivering higher efficiency, smaller footprints, and faster time-to-market.”


RF product line: http://www.nxp.com/products/rf/