At DSEI 2013, e2v, the innovative solutions provider, will be introducing a new range of ultra wideband (2-18GHz) Microwave Power Modules (MPMs). Suitable for use in Electronic Warfare (EW), data links and radar and communications systems, the MPMs feature market-leading size, weight and power (SWaP) characteristics and are not covered by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

The 2-18 GHz frequency range is conventionally serviced by two MPMs, but e2v now offers a unique single-tube, multi-octave device, providing compelling SWaP advantages.  The company also offers individual 2-7 GHz and 6-18 GHz MPMs, providing maximum flexibility in system configuration.  The 2-7 GHz and 2-18 GHz MPMs are the only such ITAR-free devices available.

e2v designs and manufactures the entire MPM by combining its 50-year heritage in mini-helix Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs) with a new solid-state pre-amplifier, a high density power supply and control circuitry, enabling the device to be optimised for performance and reliability. Not only are the modules thermally robust, lightweight and powerful, but the rugged packages have been designed for ground, airborne and ship-borne applications.

The MPMs can be supplied in a single enclosure, or as linked sub-systems, providing maximum packaging flexibility.  Their compact size enables positioning close to transmitters, minimising cable lengths and consequent power losses.

e2v can also offer bespoke solutions to meet customer-specific requirements in the most demanding environments, which can feature high temperature, high altitude, vibration and shock.

e2v's MPMs are currently undergoing qualification for a major EU fast jet programme.

Keith Ferguson, Business Unit General Manager at e2v commented, 'we are pleased to introduce a unique range of ultra-compact, ITAR-free MPM solutions. Their high output power over a broad frequency range combined with their small size and flexible packaging makes them ideally suited to both upgrades and new platforms.'