TMD Technologies Ltd. (TMD), a manufacturing SME in the defence industry, has extended its range of microwave power modules (MPMs) with the introduction of the new PTXM series.

Offering the highest power density packaging, the new ultra compact, modular PTXM range has been designed specifically for airborne radar, EW and communications applications – especially for UAVs, where low volume and weight are critical requirements.

Currently comprising the PTXM1000, PTXM1001 and PTXM1002, the three models in the range operate across the frequency band 4.5 to 18 GHz, with output powers from 100 to 140 W. The units are extremely compact, with weight and dimensions of typically 1.7 kg and 190 x 120 x 30 mm respectively – but with no reduction in RF power. This high power to volume ratio has been achieved by the implementation of clever packaging techniques to efficiently use all available space.

Fully integrated for simple and safe installation, the PTXM units are modular in design, thus making them easier to manufacture and test and thereby resulting in lower cost.The use of well proven functional blocks offers top performance and reliability in pulsed and/or CW operation. Power supply options are 28 V DC or 115 V 3-phase, as well as 270 V DC.

More Cost Effective and Rugged Styling

The development of the new PTXM Series gave TMD the opportunity to make some changes to product styling, employing an electro-less nickel rather than a paint finish.

Said Dr David Cook, TMD’s Product and Technology Development engineering manager, “This change was engineering driven – products being easier, quicker and less costly to manufacture, and also more rugged, scratch proof and resistant to chemical reactions.”