TMD Technologies LLC (TMD) will be featuring its new PTXM Series high-power density, ultra-compact microwave power modules (MPMs) and PTS6900 solid state MPM at IMS2015, Booth 3623.

Also featured among TMD’s wide range of microwave products for radar, EW, communications and laboratory applications will be Ku-band traveling wave tubes (TWTs) and ultra-high-power TWT and solid state amplifiers for EMC  HIRF (high intensity radiated fields) testing.

New ultra compact MPMs - offering the highest power density on the market?

Operating across the 4.5 to 18 GHz band, with output powers up to 140 W, TMD’s new PTXM Series MPMs have been designed specifically for airborne radar, EW and communications applications – particularly for UAVs, where low volume and weight are critical.

These new MPMs are extremely compact, with a typical weight of only 1.7 kg – and, moreover, with no reduction in RF power. Said Steven Olson, regional sales manager for TMD Technologies LLC,  “We have achieved this advancement by radically reviewing the packaging concept – bringing a new dimension to the efficient use of all available space.”

Comprising the PTXM1000, PTXM1001 and PTXM1002, the new MPMs are suitable for pulsed or CW operation (communications units are CW operation only).

New solid state MPM employs latest GaN MMIC technology for top performance

Optimized for use in EW/ECM systems, TMD’s newly introduced PTS6900 solid state MPM covers the 2 to 6 GHz frequency band at 150 W output power, and has a 55 dB gain adjustable from 50 to 60 dB.

The advanced design employs the latest GaN MMIC technology and low loss power combiners to provide highest performance and reliability, with a predicted MTBF of over 30,000 hours for an airborne uninhabited fighter environment.

Ku-Band TWTs for missile seekers

Among TMD’s high-power, fast warm Ku-band TWTs designed for missile seekers is the PT6789, operating at the top of the radar Ku-band and providing a peak power as high as 1000 W. It also offers a high-duty ratio of up to 33%, at very high pulse repetition frequencies.

TWT amplifiers for EMC applications

TMD’s capability in the EMC field covers products with power outputs extending up to 40 kW for certain pulsed models, over the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz using suites of both TWT-based and solid state amplifiers.

The PTC Series ultra-high-power pulsed TWT amplifiers on show have now been extended, optimized for use in EMC HIRF testing, and meet RTCA/DO-160 G and L, MIL Standard, EUROCAE and AIRBUS ABD 100 test requirements

Also available from TMD is a full range of solid state amplifiers. Designated the PTCS Series, these new solid state amplifiers are for use at frequencies below 6 GHz.

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