TMD Technologies Ltd. (TMD) will once again be featuring its latest microwave products at the International Microwave Symposium, May 24-26 in San Francisco, Calif. Booth 1849 will showcase TMD’s PTS6900 solid-State MPM and latest PTXM Series high power density TWT based ultra compact MPMs, plus its new range of PTX8807 Ka-Band TWT based compact MPMs - as well as Ku-Band fast warm ring loop TWTs.

Live Demonstrations

Following the success at recent international exhibitions, TMD will again be giving daily live demonstrations of its new solid state PTS6900 MPM – an advanced GaN MMIC based module optimised for EW/ECM systems.

Said Andy Crawford, newly promoted to Head of After Sales, TMD UK: “The live demonstrations of our new solid state PTS6900 MPM have proved to be a real crowd-puller. Visitors to our stand at IMS 2016 will now be able to see at first hand the exceptional performance of the new module. We achieve this by setting up the PTS6900 to operate into a dummy load, with the resultant output power shown on a display.”

Commented Steve Olson, Regional Sales Manager, TMD USA: “We are confident that we will see a repeat success story for the solid state PTS6900 demonstrations at the IMS major international event this year in San Francisco. Our customers really appreciate TMD’s philosophy of providing the benefit of both solid state products, such as the PTS6900, and TWT based products operating at high frequency and high power – epitomized by our new PTXM Series ultra compact MPMs.

The Solid-State PTS6900 MPM

Optimised for EW/ECM systems, the solid state PTS6900 employs the latest 0.25 µm GaN MMIC technology to provide first-rate performance over the 2-6 GHz range. This ITAR-free MPM offers an output power of 150 W and adjustable 55 dB gain. It also has instant start up, fast mute time, and predicted over 30,000 hours MTBF for an airborne uninhabited fighter environment.

PTXM Series TWT-Based MPMs

Ideal for UAVs – where low volume and weight are critical – the new TWT based PTXM Series operate over the 4.5 to 18 GHz band with output powers up to 140 W. With a weight of typically only 1.7 kg, these ultra compact MPMs offer probably the highest power density on the market.

More new compact TWT based MPMs!

TMD has added a new range of Ka band compact MPMs to its TWT based range. Exemplified by the PTX8807, operating over the 32-36 GHz range at 200 W output power, the new modules are designed for radar and EW applications.

In addition, TMD will be exhibiting its fast warm Ku band ring loop TWTs and rapidly developing range of instrumentation TWT and solid state amplifiers. The latter have applications in the avionics and aerospace industries for radar/EW simulation and training – and also EMC HIRF testing.

TMD Personnel Attending IMS 2016


Nigel Hann, Head of Sales

Andy Crawford,Head of After Sales

Howard Butterfield,Senior RF Design Engineer


Steve Olsen,Regional Sales Manager

Rafael Cisneros,Systems Engineering Manager

TMD Technologies Limited – More than 20 years at the top!

TMD’s headquarters in West London. Last year, the company celebrated 20 successful years at the top of its profession as an independent design and manufacturing SME in the microwave and RF field.

TMD Technologies LLC is the US subsidiary of TMD Technologies Ltd, set up in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013; its purpose being to provide excellent commercial and technical support to TMD’s customers in the USA. The company is now well established, the product repair and service centre is up and running and its Sales and Marketing Department is engaged in new business development in the USA - for the whole range of TMD’s products.

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