Mini-Circuits and Modelithics Inc. are working together to develop high-accuracy linear and non-linear models for selected surface-mount products. The latest offering includes three new X-Parameter* amplifier models for Mini-Circuits PHA-1+, GVA-62+ and GVA-63+ products. Modelithics developed these models based on careful measurements made using an Agilent Technologies’ PNA-X Series Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA). These new high-frequency behavioral models provide for the first-time for such a set of products, both linear and non-linear simulation capabilities including prediction of harmonics, non-linear distortion, compression and impedance dependent non-linear behavior.

The models also predict broad-band S-parameters and noise parameters and are validated up to 18GHz. . “With these new X-parameters-based nonlinear models of our amplifiers, RF and microwave system designers can for the first time accurately validate the complete nonlinear performance of their designs through simulation, saving costly bench time. This should provide the fastest feasibility assessment of available amplifier choices in the industry. We are pleased to sponsor these models for free use by all interested designers world-wide.” Harvey Kaylie, President of Mini-Circuits.

The Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) compatible versions of these  models are available now as  FREE downloads from the Mini-Circuits/Modelithics partner page at  The models are also included in the just released Modelithics COMPLETE Library version 10.1 for Agilent ADS and will also be included in the next release of Agilent Genesys software scheduled for release later this year.