Modelithics, Inc. announced the availability of new broadband Microwave Global Models™ for Vishay Intertechnology’s CH02016, CH0402 and CH0603 surface-mount chip resistor families. The new models are available within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ as well as the Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library.

For Vishay’s CH02016, CH0402 and CH0603 surface-mount chip resistor families, each model offers part value-, substrate- and solder-pad-scalability and is validated to 67 GHz, making them well-suited for mmWave applications such as next-generation 5G networks. All models cover a resistance range of 10 Ω to 500 Ω, which corresponds to the full range of resistor values contained in the CH series. The models provide validated data for a range of substrates and scale with respect to solder-pad dimensions. Potential use cases for the CH resistors include Wilkinson power dividers broadband attenuators and terminations.

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library and the mmWave & 5G Library are available for Keysight Technologies’ PathWave Advanced Design System, Keysight Technologies’ PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys), Cadence® AWR Design Environment®, Cadence Spectre® Simulation Platform, Ansys® HFSS™ and Sonnet® Suites™. For a free trial, visit the Modelithics website.