Modelithics and Johanson Technology have collaborated to develop scalable Microwave Global Models for the R15S and R15G capacitor series from Johanson. The new simulation models for the 0805 S-Series and the 0805 G-Series Ultra High-Q capacitor families feature substrate, capacitance and pad scalability, and the R15G model also offers orientation selectability. Modelithics and Johanson collaborated through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, to develop the models and make them available to designers.

The R15S Microwave Global Model (CAP-JOH-0805-101) includes the complete series capacitance range, from 0.1 to 220 pF, and the R15G model (CAP-JOH-0805-002) includes the full range from 0.3 pF to 100 pF. Microwave Global Models are equivalent circuit models that are carefully validated with precision Modelithics ESR and S-parameter measurements. Both models are validated to 20 GHz, and have advanced parameters for substrate property inputs and pad dimensions. They accurately simulate the capacitor and associated parasitics up to high frequencies based on the substrate and pad inputs. In addition to the powerful scalability features, the models are also compatible with tuning, optimization and statistical analysis tools that are available within the EDA simulation software.

The Johanson capacitor models are formatted for use with the multiple simulation tools supported by Modelithics including Keysight Advanced Design System, National Instruments AWR Design Environment, Keysight Genesys, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites. Through the MVP program, Johanson is sponsoring free 90-day use of the models, which can be requested on the Johanson Technology MVP page: and click on “Free Trial”.

For more information about the new models or about the Modelithics Vendor Partner program, contact Modelithics at