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Modelithics Inc.
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MODELITHICS INC. is a leading-edge technology company providing comprehensive RF/MW measurement services, and highly scalable, accurate, measurement-based models of RF/MW components. Over 575 models from over 65 vendors, representing more than 15,000 components are now available in Modelithics libraries, which install as specialized design kits in popular EDA software (Keysight ADS, Keysight Genesys, NI/AWR Design Environment, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites).

Modelithics models capture complex characteristics and parasitic effects of RF and MW components and designs. They offer scalable design parameters to allow accurate matching to designers' applications.  This increases first-pass design success, thus noticeable cost savings.

Modelithics COMPLETE includes the CLR Library of Microwave Global Models™ (passives), NLD Library (non-linear diodes), NLT Library (non-linear transistors), and SLC Library (system-level components). Also included is an S-parameter data model library (SPAR) and a substrate definition library (SUB).

Modelithics was established in 2001 and is used by RF and MW designers around the world in a broad range of industries. We support RF component and semiconductor device manufacturers by developing top quality models for their products.


Modelithics Co-Founder Dr. Tom Weller Named IEEE Fellow

Modelithics is pleased to share the news and congratulate Dr. Thomas Weller, the company’s co-founder, on being named IEEE Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This high designation is given by the IEEE Board of Directors to persons having a history of significant accomplishments in the fields of electrical engineering.

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New Modelithics COMPLETE Library v17.0 for Keysight's Advanced Design System

Modelithics Inc. announces the latest release of the Modelithics® COMPLETE Library version 17.0 for use with the Keysight EEsof EDA Advanced Design System (ADS) simulation software. This release marks another big milestone with over 15,000 commercial electronic components from over 65 different vendors now represented in the COMPLETE Library of advanced simulation models.

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Modelithics and KEMET Partner to Provide Highly Accurate Models for CBR RF Capacitor Series

Modelithics and KEMET recently collaborated to develop highly accurate measurement based equivalent circuit models for the KEMET CBR RF capacitor series, including EIA case sizes 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 and 0505. These models are now available in industry leading simulation tools including Keysight ADS, Keysight Genesys, NI AWR Design Environment, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites.

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Modelithics Announces Two New Microwave Global Models for Würth Elektronik Inductor Families

Modelithics Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of two new Microwave Global Models™ for Würth Elektronik inductor families. As part of the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, Würth Elektronik and Modelithics collaborated to develop the advanced-feature models that offer substrate scalability, part value scalability and pad scalability.

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Nonlinear Diode Models for Enhanced Simulation Accuracy

A library of robust models featuring substrate scalability and temperature dependence is now available for surface-mount diodes. The Modelithics Nonlinear Diode (NLD™) Library contains a compilation of measurement validated nonlinear diode models developed from I-V, C-V, small- and large-signal S-parameter characterization data. Over-temperature testing, combined with Modelithics’ patent-pending substrate-scalability...
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Comprehensive Models for RLC Components to Accelerate PCB Designs

Powerfully flexible software models are now available for surface-mount (SMT) resistor, inductor and capacitor (RLC) components that are accurate over wide ranges of frequency, part value and mounting configurations. These unique, substrate-scalable Global Models™ are developed from careful measurements taken in typical application circuit mounts on multiple boards. Global...
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Automation and Real-time Verification of Passive Component S-parameter Measurements Using Loss Factor Calculations

An automated S-parameter testing approach, built around a LabVIEW program, is described that adds important capabilities to a microwave test setup. A real-time check on S-parameter data using total loss calculations is shown to be a good indicator of m...
In developing microwave models, real-time verification of characterization data should be considered a priority to ensure its integrity. Sound models must be built upon accurate measurement data, and, as is generally the case, the ‘garbage in – garbage out’ principle applies to model extraction. Even if an instrument calibration...
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Modelithics® COMPLETE Library™ v18.2 for Keysight Genesys 2018 Released

Modelithics® COMPLETE Library™ v18.2

Modelithics has just released version 18.2 of the COMPLETE Library for use with Keysight Genesys software. Version 18.2 includes 24 new models, and offers compatibility with the latest Keysight Genesys software release, playing a key role in the new Genesys rapid design optimization tool, Vendor Parts Synthesis (VPS).

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The Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library

The recently introduced Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library is a collection of advanced simulation models for high frequency electronic design, developed to support the needs of the next generation of cellular and wireless communications. All models in this new library can be used in one or more of the latest 5G millimeter wave frequency bands.

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ModelithicsCOMPLETE5-01The Modelithics COMPLETE Library is the premier product offered by Modelithics, Inc. The library is an extensive collection of advanced equivalent circuit simulation models for specific commercially available passive and active devices. Powerful scaling features make Modelithics models unique compared to commonly used s-parameter models or ideal component models.

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