Diamond Antenna & Microwave Corp. and Diamond-Roltran LLC announce the successful upgrade of an old ASR-8 Air Traffic Control rotary joint that adds Mode-S functionality and maintenance-free Roll-Rings®.

Mode-S IFF functionality is enabled with the addition of one L-Band channel as part of the refurbishment. The rotary joint now has six RF channels. Operating intervals are extended with the complete replacement of the old-style slip ring with a modern maintenance-free Roll-Ring®. The twelve channel Roll-Ring® assembly fits inside the existing slip-ring housing.

The ASR-8 rotary joint is now ready for continuous use in a military ASR-8 radar system to detect aircraft positions in the surrounding airspace. The refurbishment includes new bearings, seals, waveguide shaft, L-Band module, S-Band modules, cables, connectors and the maintenance-free Roll-Ring®. The ASR-8 rotary joint, with its fresh coat of paint, looks and performs like a new rotary joint.