Diamond Antenna & Microwave and Diamond-Roltran have expanded their joint microwave rotary joint repair business to include the ability to repair and refurbish all OEM rotary joints including those made by Kevlin, Sivers, Cobham, Premier, ITT, Diamond and others.

Military radar systems such as SPS-48, SPS-67v1, SPS-67v3, SPN-43, ASR-8, SPN-35, TPS-75 and others are regularly repaired and refurbished by Diamond. Quick turnaround, competitive pricing and strong customer service continues to propel the growth of this business. Diamond maintains a dedicated group focused solely on ensuring repairs and refurbishments are completed with strict adherence to quality standards and are completed in a timely manner. With the recent addition of CST modeling, even the most challenging units can be repaired and improved.

An example of this expanded capacity is an ASR-8 five channel rotary joint which Diamond completely disassembled and restored but also improved with an additional L-Band module to provide Mode S compliance and a maintenance-free Roll-Ring® assembly to replace the maintenance prone slip ring.

Diamond also offers the unique ability to supply Roll-Rings®, a maintenance-free slip ring alternative, for use in lower frequency and power rotary transfer applications for radar systems including the US Navy’s SPS-48E long range radar system. Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration selected Diamond, based on best value, to replace all of the 43 Terminal Doppler Weather Radar slip rings with Roll-Rings®.