Diamond Antenna, provider of high performance RF/Microwave rotary joints couplers, announced the release of its next generation Ka-band dual channel rotary joint in a low profile/compact package.  Diamond has enhanced its flagship dual channel rotary joint product line to give satellite terminal manufactures greater design flexibility for their “Airborne Satcom” terminal platforms.

“The lightweight/compact design of our new Ka-Band rotary joint gives satellite platform designers greater flexibility in manufacturing smaller and lighter weight terminals,” said John MacMillan, Director of Sales for Diamond Antenna.

The Ka-band dual channel rotary joint design, series 22124-0, contains a WR-28 high power transmit channel (29.0-31.0 GHz) and a 2.92mm coaxial receive channel. (19.2-21.2 GHz).  The unit provides excellent RF performance as follows: VSWR <1.20:1 (Transmit & Receive Ch.’s) & Insertion Loss of 0.30 dB (Transmit Ch.) & 0.6 dB. (Receive Ch.) Isolation between Ch.’s is greater than 70 dB.  The unit supports average power of 100 watts (Transmit Ch.) & 10 watts (Receive Ch.) The 22124-0 rotary joint is rated up to 45,000 feet.

Both channels perform well over a wider frequency ranges as follows:

Transmit Channel: 26.0-40.0 GHz, Receive Channel: 18.0-22.0 GHz with a VSWR of < 2.0:1 & Insertion loss of <0.8 dB.

Several versions of the 22124-0 series are available as well as special requirements within this series.

For further information about Diamond Antenna and the company’s products is available at www.diamondantenna.com.