To address the pressing need for increased reliability and lower life cycle cost, airborne satcom rotary joint customers are now ordering Diamond Antenna & Microwave rotary joints with integral Diamond-Roltran Roll-Rings®. Roll-Rings® are the only rotating electrical contact solution that rolls instead of slides like slip rings and therefore does not create wear debris. The lack of wear debris combined with excellent shock, vibe and extreme environmental performance means Roll-Rings are capable of operating up to 1 billion revolutions and beyond in challenging applications like airborne.

Price is another benefit of the teaming arrangement between the two Diamond companies as it allows for utilization of common parts between the rotary joint and Roll-Ring assembly thus lowering costs. The teaming arrangement also prevents customers from having to pay manufacturing mark-up twice as in the case of a rotary joint customer buying a rotary joint built with a third party slip ring.

Diamond Antenna and Microwave has fielded over one thousand Ku- and Ka-Band rotary joints using standard and custom designs. Roll-Rings are in service in numerous military and aerospace applications including air traffic control radar systems in nineteen countries. Both companies are capable of quickly designing and building new combination units to match unique customer specifications.