Michael Casper, president and CEO of UltraSource Inc., a thin film microchip manufacturer, is pleased to announce the update of an application note on the company's website titled: “How Your CAD File Affects the Success of Your New Thin Film Design.”

One key to reducing the time to market and ensuring on-time delivery for your thin film designs is to be sure your CAD designs follow industry standards and generally accepted good practices. Casper explained that “an updated application note has been added to our website that will help customers understand how to help ensure their CAD files are formatted and drawn as needed.” Bruce Bennett, product design engineer team lead, indicates that “the new application note lists the top 10 errors that we see with customers. These 10 rules were derived from the most common issues we encounter in our daily design and CAD review processes. By keeping these 10 rules in mind, you can avoid us contacting you to resolve CAD design issues after your order has been placed and the delivery cycle has begun.”  Casper points out that “these days, competition is fierce and on-time delivery of 100 percent conforming product is critical; nobody wants their parts to be late.”

View the PDF of the 10 commonly seen CAD issues here: http://www.microwavejournal.com/ext/resources/pdf-downloads/CAD-file-requirements-3_25_2013.pdf.