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Resonant Inc. expands advisory board

 Resonant Inc., a late-stage development company creating innovative filter designs for radio frequency front-ends (RFFEs) for the mobile device industry, today announced it named industry sales & marketing veteran, Barry Waxman to its Advisory Board. Resonant formed the advisory board in late August to aid in marketing and commercializing its designs. 

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Pasternack unveils new line of coaxial packaged bi-directional amplifiers

Pasternack, a manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, introducesa new line of bi-directional amplifiers that are used for sending and receiving radio signals in key applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles, L and S Band radar, military radio, commercial air traffic control, weather and earth observation, satellites and high gain driver power amplifiers. 

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Pasternack debuts portfolio of multi-market electromechanical switches

Pasternack, a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, introduces a large portfolio of in-stock general purpose multi-market coaxial packaged electromechanical switchesfor RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications. These new electromechanical switches are uniquely qualified for use in numerous applications including military communications, radar, commercial and military aviation, SATCOM, test & instrumentation, medical equipment and others.      

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Fairview Microwave introduces low noise amplifiers for the availability market

Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, has released an extensive portfolio of in-stock cost effective coaxial packaged low noise RF amplifiers for the availability market. These low noise amplifiers boast outstanding performance that covers wide octave RF frequency bands from 9 KHz to 3 GHz and can be used across multiple markets for a wide variety of applications including electronic warfare, military communications, SATCOM, receivers, fiber optic communication systems, transportation systems, wireless base stations, patient monitoring systems, radio astronomy and university R&D labs. 

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Isola expands portfolio of PCB materials for skew mitigation

Isola Group, a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs, announced the introduction of Chronon™, the company’s latest ultra-low loss, high-speed laminate and prepreg materials engineered to mitigate skew issues in high-speed designs that have differential pairs. The introduction of Chronon, which follows the 2014 launch of Gigasync®, expands the company’s portfolio of PCB materials to mitigate skew in high-speed designs.

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