San-tron Inc., a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has announced major improvements to its website, including a faceted search empowered product finder which pulls from San-tron’s extensive library RF and microwave coaxial connectors and adapters and cable assemblies. The site also offers an expanded Knowledge Center and details on San-tron’s latest SRX™low PIM cable assemblies and adapters.

To use the Product Finder (, a visitor simply selects a product category, such as connectors, and then jumps to a specific connector type, such as SMA, N, BNC, or TNC connectors. Clicking on a connector type calls up a screen with different connector models in that category, complete with details on configuration (such as plug or jack) and types of cables available (by manufacturer and model) with the connector. In addition, downloadable data sheets in PDF file format are listed for all connector models. San-tron website visitors can further speed a search with the Product Finder by using numerous online filters. When searching for connectors, for example, the search can be filtered further to find field-replaceable or high-performance eSeries connectors, or even reverse-polarity models, including BNC, F, N, SMA, SMB, SSMA, TNC, and 7/16 connectors.

In line with the firm’s “Always Thinking” slogan, San-tron’s Knowledge Center ( offers a variety of videos, engineering tools, and detailed documents to help visitors learn more about San-tron’s products and how to incorporate them into their designs with optimum results. In one video, Fred Hull, San-tron's Director of Engineering, explains how it was possible to re-engineer standard 2.92-mm coaxial connectors (K connectors) to create the company’s high-performance, 40 GHz S292TM coaxial connectors. In another video, Hull hosts an introduction to San-tron’s high performance eSMATM connectors and cable assemblies using those connectors.

San-tron’s Knowledge Center also provides handy engineering tools, such as an “Inches to Microns” conversion chart for determining connector plating thicknesses, and numerous documents that can help specifiers when choosing connector interfaces and cable assemblies.

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