Anritsu Co. announces it will demonstrate the world’s only broadband Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) system that can conduct single sweeps from 70 kHz to 140 GHz in its booth (#807) at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS), to be held June 19-21, in Montreal. The on-wafer device characterization is one in a series of demonstrations to be conducted in Anritsu’s booth that will highlight test solutions for high-frequency designs, including E-band applications and high-speed signal integrity measurements.

A market leader in VNA technology, the VectorStar VNA demonstration shows Anritsu’s commitment to address the needs of engineers developing products for high-frequency applications. A number of higher frequency bands are gaining popularity, including 40-60 GHz for data transmission wireless backhaul between base stations, 60 GHz for Wireless LAN transmission in home and public locations, 77 GHz automotive collision avoidance systems, and 94 GHz for airport radar applications, materials measurement, and homeland security imaging systems.

The demonstration will showcase Anritsu’s latest technology, including a new 0.8 mm connector, as well as the excellent stability and RF performance of the VectorStar and mm-wave modules. During the demonstration, the VNA system will sweep from 70 kHz to 140 GHz, highlighting the broadest range of frequency characterization data in a single system. The system will conduct a single sweep across multiple coax and waveguide bands, eliminating the need to use separate systems and associated data concatenation errors.

“Device engineers need broad frequency coverage to accurately characterize devices. To address this need, a connector that can perform above 110 GHz is required,” said Bob Buxton, Marketing Manager, General Purpose Test, Microwave Measurements Division. “Anritsu has pioneered high-frequency connectors. We were the first to develop the 40 GHz (2.92 mm) K connector and the 70 GHz (1.85 mm) V connector, and led the way on the 1 mm connector. In order to support a VNA with performance to 140 GHz, we needed to develop and support a new 0.8 mm connector.”

Signal Integrity Measurements

VectorStar can also be used for signal integrity measurements, which will be the focus of another demonstration in the Anritsu booth featuring the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) BERT and MP1825B 4Tap Emphasis. The station will highlight how the best-in-class waveforms and error detector sensitivity of the MP1800A, combined with the ability of the MP1825B to change the emphasis ratio for each tap individually, create a solution that addresses the challenges faced by signal integrity engineers.

mm-Wave Emission Testing Demonstration

A high-frequency point-to-point demonstration, done in conjunction with BridgeWave Communications, will also be shown in the Anritsu booth at IMS. It will feature BridgeWave’s 80 GHz Wireless Ethernet Bridge to highlight the MS2830A Signal Analyzer’s ability to verify emissions of mm-wave point-to-point wireless links. The display will showcase Anritsu’s capability to test E band gigabit data rate radios used in 4G/LTE backhaul applications. As shown in the demonstration, the MS2830A can be configured to measure E-band signals due to its innovative external mixer design that results in superior DANL.

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