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MPI Corp. announces industry acceptance of TS150-THZ Probe System

As a result of numerous orders corresponding with the growth of terahertz frequency range measurements in the wafer test market, MPI Corp. has received industry wide acceptance of the TS150-THZ probe station as the standard for these complicated high frequency measurements. The TS150-THZ addresses the challenging test requirements of multiple emerging markets and applications, such as automotive radar, non-invasive imaging, defense, security and surveillance as well as short-range radar and high-speed 5G communication.

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Lake Shore to show high-frequency probing & characterization technology at EuMW

 Lake Shore Cryotronics, a leading innovator in solutions for measurement over a wide range of temperature and magnetic field conditions, announced it will be exhibiting Oct. 7–9 during the 44th European Microwave Week (EuMW) conference in Rome, Italy, where it will discuss its platforms for the study of devices and materials using high-frequency measurements. 

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Vishay on display at IMS 2014

At IMS 2014, Vishay will be highlighting its VJ HIFREQ series and VJ QUAD HIFREQ series of surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs). Offering high self resonance and a low dissipation factor of = 0.05 % in the 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes, devices in the VJ HIFREQ series are optimized for filter and matching networks, and amplifier and DC blocking circuits in high-frequency commercial applications. The MLCCs reduce signal loss and energy consumption in power amplifier modules, VoIP networks, cellular base stations, GPS systems, and satellite, WiFi (802.11), and WiMAX (802.16) wireless communication. The VJ HIFREQ series features broad working voltages from 25 VDC to 250 VDC and wide capacitance ranges from 1 pF to 1.5 nF.


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DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials and IQLP to develop high-speed circuit technology

DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials (DuPont) and IQLP LLC, a division of Interplex Industries Inc., announced their ongoing efforts to further develop and refine liquid crystal polymer (LCP) thin-film technology for use in high-speed circuit applications.  The development efforts are being conducted pursuant to a joint development agreement and a license agreement previously entered into by the parties.

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