The Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), a project-funded research group operating in conjunction with the Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland, is employing EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator and EB MIMO OTA Application to provide wireless testing and research capabilities under the most realistic propagation conditions.

The EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator is mainly used to test LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless communication, to provide a real world simulated environment, something that will position CWC as the premier centre for radio channel and antenna research. The centre chose the EB Propsim F8 MIMO OTA emulator because of its ability to flexibly test different MIMO OTA configurations, together with its inherent future-proofing technology that will facilitate 4G testing and eventually enable newer standards to work within its testing chamber.

"CWC makes continuous contributions to the development of the most advanced communication systems and standards," said Janne Kolu, Vice President, Test Tools at EB. "The future in wireless communication should enable higher data rates. Understanding the radio channel effect on product performance is essential in research and development of wireless technologies."

"By using EB's advanced testing solutions, CWC strengthens its position as a world-class communications systems research facility, differentiating from other wireless testing labs without 4G and advanced testing capabilities," said Ari Pouttu, Director of CWC. "EB Propsim F8 with MIMO OTA Application gives CWC the ability to emulate all commercially available wireless technologies such as LTE and LTE-Advanced, and provides a future-proof platform for coming technologies, keeping us cutting-edge for years to come."

After employing the EB Propsim F8 and seeing success on the research level, CWC aims to utilize the EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator in undergraduate studies. This enables their students to get to know and utilize high tech test and measurement equipment that is widely used by global wireless players in their R&D processes.