Elektrobit expands its product family in tactical communications

Aerospace & Defense Channel
Elektrobit is developing an EB Tactical LTE Access Point solution (Long Term Evolution, 4G) alongside its tactical communications products and systems to enable the utilization of regular terminals designed for civilian use in military purposes. A private LTE base station solution capable for use in the field and integrated in a small size together with EPC (Evolved Packet Core) software optimized for tactical use lie at the core of the solution. 

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Elektrobit (EB) releases a white paper on utilizing cognitive radio technology in military communications

Elektrobit (EB) has released a whitepaper on Cognitive Communication Networks that explores how cognitive radio can be utilized in military communications. The white paper discusses how cognitive radio works and how future wireless systems equipped with cognitive radio capabilities could dynamically access new frequency bands, and at the same time protect higher-priority users on the same bands from harmful interference. Cognitive radio capabilities utilized in military communications would enable mobile troops to communicate and share information even more effectively.

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EB channel emulator adopted by CWC in Finland

The Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), a project-funded research group operating in conjunction with the Department of Communications Engineering at the University of Oulu, Finland, is employing EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator and EB MIMO OTA Application to provide wireless testing and research capabilities under the most realistic propagation conditions.

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Beyond Conformance Testing in 3GPP LTE

This paper describes how LTE products, systems and applications are tested in a realistic wireless environment – not in the field but in a laboratory. The benefits of beyond conformance testing compared to standard conformance testing are explained. LTE terminal and base station manufacturers as well as operators are recommended to go beyond basic testing and carry out performance measurements already in the early phases of LTE product development. The White Paper also discusses the different testing methods and introduces key radio channel models which can be used in the testing process.
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A Hardware Multichannel Simulator for Wideband Wireless Systems

Introduction to a wideband multichannel simulator with eight fading channels, 70 MHz RF bandwidth and spatial channel modeling
Product Feature A Hardware Multichannel Simulator for Wideband Wireless Systems Elektrobit Kauniainen, Finland Hardware-based multipath fading simulators have traditionally been used to generate up to two simultaneous fading channels. Mobile network testing and future wireless applications like geolocation, smart antennas and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems, however, require...
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