EB, Elektrobit Corp. has introduced the EB Propsim FS8 radio channel emulator for testing the wireless performance of mobile devices and chipsets. With 8 RF channels and the capability to perform up to 4x4 bi-directional MIMO (multi-antenna technology) testing the FS8 is a compact MIMO emulator for testing 2G, 3G and 4G LTE technologies.

The new radio channel emulator is compatible with both conformance and operator-specific test cases. The ability to easily evaluate the true product performance against operator requirements in the laboratory with the EB Propsim FS8 decreases the amount of field testing needed, which often yields substantial savings in the product development process.

 The increased consumer demand for mobile broadband technologies requires mobile network operators and product developers to update their products from 2G and 3G to 4G LTE using MIMO technology. MIMO technology is expected to provide higher data capacity to the end user and the challenge for product developers is to make sure that the ultimate MIMO gain is achieved.

 In MIMO technology, the radio channel characteristics are heavily exploited, therefore requiring sophisticated radio channel emulation in 4G LTE mobile device and chipset development. The EB Propsim FS8 provides accurate and realistic MIMO radio channel modeling for 4G LTE product developers seeking to create mobile devices that truly meet both operator and consumer expectations.

“The EB Propsim FS8 complements our product offering in the area of radio channel emulation. Whereas the recently launched EB Propsim F32 is targeted for the network infrastructure and defense and security customers, the EB Propsim FS8 is designed for testing mobile devices and chipsets,” said Janne Kolu, vice president of Test Tools at EB. “With the FS8, we can provide the convenience of compact size and smooth integration into mobile device test systems at an affordable price.”