The HLNAV-364 Low Noise Amplifier covers the frequency range from 50 to 65 GHz minimum and is usable over a wider range. The unit offers a minimum of 25 dB of gain over that range. The LNA bandwidth is matched to the frequency range of WR-15 waveguide-to-coax adapters allowing it to be used for broadband test setups.

The unit employs GaAs MMICs for high reliability and repeatability. A higher gain version of the amplifier is also available.

• Test Equipment
• Communications Equipment
• General Purpose V-Band/60 GHz amplifier

• Low Noise Figure
• High Gain
• Single Bias/Internal Bias Sequencing
• Internal Voltage Regulation

• Frequency Range… 50.0 to 65.0 GHz minimum
• Small Signal Gain…25 dB minimum
• Gain Flatness…+/-2 dB typical
• Noise Figure…5 dB typical
• Output Power at 1dB Compression…+13 dBm typical
• RF Input Power without Damage: -10 dBm maximum Interfaces…WR-15, UG-385/U
• DC Power…+6.5 VDC @ 275 mA typical

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