AmpHLNAV360-WR15The HLNAV-360 is a low noise amplifier with integrated isolators at the input and output ports. The LNA operates over the 57 to 64 GHz frequency band with 27 dB gain, noise figure of 6.0 Db and a P1dB of +12 dBm. RF interfaces are via WR-15 waveguide with standard UG-385/U flanges. A single MCX connector provides the bias input for the +15 VDC operating voltage. The amplifier bias is internally regulated and sequenced for reliability and user convenience.

This same architecture can also be used for power amplifiers from 18 to 110 GHz. Bandwidths of 2-3 GHz are easily achieved, and bandwidths up to 7 GHz are available above 50 GHz. Please contact the factory with your requirements.

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