Lowest Cost Hermetically Sealed Contactor in Its Class.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Sept 12, 2008 – The KILOVAC LEV100 contactor offers hermetically sealed construction for intrinsically safe operation in explosive or harsh environments. Rated for 100 A at 900 VDC, the contactor uses an inert gas in the contact chamber and an epoxy-sealed resin case to provide long-term reliability. Contacts will not oxidize or become contaminated even during long periods of nonoperation. Isolation of 8 kVdc across the open contacts permits use for high-voltage isolation.

The compact package, occupying only about four cubic inches, is not position sensitive to allow flexible application. The contactor is available in bottom-mount and side-mount configurations. Coil voltage options include 12, 24, and 48 V. Standard coil termination is 15-inch flying leads. Contact configuration is 1 Form X (SPST-NO-DM).

Designed in accordance with AIAG QS9000 requirements, LEV100 contactors are suited for ground power applications in aerospace as well as industrial and commercial power distribution, circuit isolation, automotive pre-charge and motor control. Other applications include inverter control and battery switching in alternative energy application such as wind and solar power.

For more information on KILOVAC LEV100 contactors, contact Tyco Electronics’ technical support center at 1-800-522-6752 or send an e-mail to newproducts@tycoelectronics.com