40 VDC Bias Adapter 2191AThe TEGAM Model 2191A  ± 40 VDC bias adapter was designed to work with TEGAM’s 3525 and 3550 LCR meters to enable accurate testing of electrolytic, tantalum and other polarized capacitors.  The 2191A Adapter accepts an external DC bias voltage up to ± 40 VDC to be applied across the test capacitor. Four six inch BNC cables are provided to connect the bias adapter to the LCR meter.

The 2191A’s wide bandwidth design also promotes battery impedance spectroscopy testing at multiple frequencies from 100 Hz to 1 MHz for improved determination of battery characteristics.  TEGAM also offers a wide range of compatible accessories including Kelvin clips, Kelvin tweezers and fixturing for most standard component packages.

More information about the Model 2191A  ± 40 VDC bias adapter is available on the  TEGAM website, www.tegam.com.