Anritsu Company, as part of its commitment to developing next-generation technologies, introduces the first EDGE evolution test solution. Two new measurement software packages can be incorporated into the MS269xA series that allow the signal analyzers to support 2.5G GSM/EDGE and G EDGE Evolution (EGPRS2) mobile phone systems, giving design and production engineers the world’s first system for measuring the RF Tx characteristics of EDGE Evolution base stations, mobile terminals, and devices and components.

Installing the MX269013A GSM/EDGE Measurement Software and the MX269013A-001 EDGE Evolution Measurement Software in the MS269xA Signal Analyzers eliminates the need for a PC to control measurements and achieves fast, accurate results with excellent reproducibility. The small system footprint makes the analyzers well suited for both R&D environments, where bench top space is at a premium, and on production lines, where a PC controller is difficult to incorporate.

With the new software, the MS269xA series can perform ten modulation analyses in 1.5 seconds, ten output RF spectrum measurements in about 2 seconds and ten Power vs. Time measurements in about 2.5 seconds, greatly accelerating the measurement process. Previously, measurement of RF Tx characteristics required time-consuming repeated modulation analyses and measurements of the output RF spectrum and Power vs. Time characteristics.

About MS269xA
The MS269xA Signal Analyzers support nearly all popular wireless technologies, including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, mobile WiMAX, and LTE. The MS269xA’s wideband FFT analysis of 31.25 MHz (optionally up to 125 MHz) supports high-speed continuous measurements, including CCDF, frequency vs. time, spectrum, and power vs. time analysis. Using a patented calibration process, the multipoint amplitude calibration and phase calibration result in an industry-best level accuracy of ±0.5 dB across a 6 GHz span.

The MX269013A is priced at $11,200 and the MX269013A-001 is $7,500.