Richardson, TX – For Immediate Release – June 24, 2010: Anritsu Company introduces additional Release 8 HSPA Evolution software for its MD8480C Signaling Tester that builds on existing Dual Carrier downlink capability to create a more comprehensive Release 8 HSPA Evolution test solution. The new software includes features for testing Uplink Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC), including Improved Layer 2 and Enhanced Cell FACH support, and provides developers of 3GPP protocol stacks, chipsets, and application software with an efficient test tool to verify performance, reduce cost of test, and improve time to market.

“We are pleased to lead the industry in providing tools to enable the rollout of HSPA Evolution onto global wireless networks,” said Wade Hulon, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company, Americas Sales Region. “The MD8480C is our third generation W-CDMA signaling tester, and continues to provide the latest features to enable testing of wireless devices and chipsets.”

The MD8480C Signaling Tester is a modular base station/network simulator with support for up to 2 RFs, 4 W-CDMA cells, and 2 GERAN cells. The platform enables a full range of UE testing from physical layer to application and protocol testing, including tests requiring maximum downlink throughput of 42.2 MB/s or 2x2 MIMO. Fading is available with addition of the MF6900A Fading Simulator, enabling advanced scenarios such as W-CDMA and LTE 2X2 MIMO handover (with addition of the MD8430A LTE Signaling Tester). The MD8480C is fully 3GPP compliant, and is used as a building block for Anritsu’s industry-leading ME7873F RF Conformance and ME7832A Protocol Conformance test solutions.

The MX848001E-15 HSPA Evolution Uplink CPC software can be installed into any MD8480C configured for HSPA Evolution. An upgrade path is available for MD8480B and MD8480C instruments to enable installation of this new software on older testers.