NXP Semiconductors has introduced an ultra high frequency (UHF) 600 W RF power transistor that is a LDMOS device for broadcast transmitters and industrial applications. The BLF888A is the most powerful LDMOS broadcast transistor in the market to date. For a DVB-T signal over the full UHF band from 470 to 860 MHz, the transistor can deliver 120 W average DVB-T signal power with efficiencies greater than 31 percent. Featuring excellent linearity, high gain of 21 dB and ruggedness corresponding to VSWR greater than 40:1, the BLF888A is ideal for advanced digital transmitter applications.

The performance of the BLF888A is enabled by NXP’s 50 V high voltage LDMOS process technology in combination with advanced thermal concepts, resulting in high power density and thermal resistance as low as 0.15 K/W. As a result, the BLF888A allows broadcast equipment manufacturers to optimize existing or new transmitter installations for performance and total cost of ownership. For complete power amplifier line-ups, the BLF888A combines optimally with the BLF881 driver transistor. The transistor is available in two versions: BLF888A, a bolt-down package and BLF888AS, an earless package, which enables a more compact PCB design. The BLF888AS can be soldered to achieve a further decrease in junction temperature.

NXP Semiconductors,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands,