The BGA28xx series of gain blocks is a recent addition to NXP’s portfolio of RF products. These gain blocks offer best-in-class linearity versus current consumption. Optimized for satellite LNBs, the BGA28xx products are also well suited for general purpose applications. These devices join other NXP discrete and integrated building blocks, including oscillators, amplifiers, switches and biasing to provide complete coverage for all LNB architectures. As a key benefit, the new BGA28xx gain blocks do not require an output inductor when using them at the output stage.

Features of this product family include:

• Performance up to 3 GHz (Optimized for 250 to 2150 MHz)

• Internally matched (50 Ω)

• Small 2x2 mm 6-pin SOT363 plastic SMD package

• Flat gain response

• Flexible gain

- At 250 MHz: 19 dB to 32 dB

- At 2150 MHz: 20 dB to 33 dB

• Output power at 1 dB gain compression: 0, 5, or 8 dB

• Selection of models

- 2.5 V, 3.3 V and 5.0 V

- Multiple gain variants

• Reverse isolation: >30 dB up to 2 GHz

• Best-in-class linearity versus current consumption

• Unconditionally stable (K > 1)

These MMICs are manufactured in NXP’s industry-leading QuBiC4+ process, offering better overall RF performance than their GaAs equivalents at an attractive price. The process technology also enables higher integration for added functionality.

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