K-Band 2-Way Iso-Divider

crane-a--e-iso-dividerCrane Aerospace & Electronics announces a K-Band 2-way device, which expands their Iso-Divider product line for space applications. Crane’s K-Band 2-way Iso-Divider features similar outstanding performance as previously introduced Ku-Band 2-, 4- and 8-way products, including exceptionally low insertion loss and optimum band flatness performance. Other features include small size, low weight and high reliability, crucial for space applications.

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Ku-Band Iso-Divider

Crane-Ku-Band-Iso-Divider_8-way200Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions continues to expand the Ku-Band Iso-Divider product family with the introduction of an 8-way unit. Featuring similar qualities as the previously introduced 4- and 2-way products, exceptional insertion loss and band flatness performance is continued in this product. The Iso-Divider combines the functions of high performance power dividers with ferrite isolators.

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Interpoint - MFX Series DC-DC Converter

nterpointÃ??Ã?® MFX SeriesCrane Aerospace & Electronics introduces its Interpoint® MFX Series™ 50 W DC-DC converter. The newly designed MFX Series provides up to 50 W in a 0.92 cubic inch case with efficiency over 90%. The input voltage of 16 to 50 volts can also withstand transients of 80 volts for one second, has ±10% trimmable 3.3 and 5 volt outputs and operates at -55°C to +125°C.

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Sensor and Switch Family

SensingComponentsAndSystemsCrane’s proven sensor and switch family are used on multiple applications, including landing gear, doors, secondary flight controls and thrust reversers. Crane’s sensors have recently been chosen for several engine nacelle applications, including fan cowl latch and thrust reverser sensing for Trent XWB, LEAP-1A and PurePower 1100 G engines for A350 XWB and A320 neo aircraft, respectively.

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Multi-Mix® Technology


Crane Electronics offers products built using the unique Multi-Mix® stripline fabrication process. This provides the ability to provide very controlled dielectric properties surrounding the RF conductors resulting in predictable and controllable RF performance results. This process is ideal for complex routing circuits, multi-filter structures, beamformers and complex RF structures.

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