Crane Aerospace & Electronics announced the introduction of a space grade DC-DC converter family. According to Bob Myers, Sr. Director of Crane’s Modular Power Solution, “Our new SMHF42 was designed specifically for customers needing radiation tolerant DC-DC converters that support 42 volt and 50 volt power busses.”

The SMHF42 is a family of fully isolated, 15 W products with a range of single and dual outputs, operating over an input voltage range of 35 to 55 volts with 80 volt transient protection. They are available in Class H and Class K versions (per MIL-PRF 38534) with radiation tolerance of L (50 krad(Si)) and R (100 krad(Si)). They are highly reliable under harsh conditions, have small, hermetically sealed packages and operate over the full military temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

There are five single output models supporting 3.3, 5, 5.2, 12, and 15 volt outputs; and four dual output models supporting ±5, ±7, ±12, and ±15 volt outputs. The hermetically sealed cases are 0.330 x 1.460 x 1.130 inches (8.38 x 37.08 x 28.70 mm).

Crane Interpoint DC-DC converters are widely used on satellites and space systems around the world including Mars Rovers, Cygnus, Aquarius, GLONASS, ISS, Dawn, and many more.

For more information, download the datasheet at

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