800 W C-band, Solid-state Power Amplifier

The 800 W C-band, solid-state power amplifier and 3200 W phase-combined system are built for satellite communications. The single 10.5-inch-high rack design offers 800 W SSPA in C band, 600 W in X band and 250 W in Ku band. Phase-combined, multi-unit packages produce 3200 W of power in C band with an equivalent performance of 10 kW traveling-wave tube (TWT)/klystron amplifiers, 2400 W in X band and 1000 in Ku band. These amplifiers are low maintenance with no costly tubes to replace, and power consumption and heat generation are low.

Advantech, Advanced Microwave Technologies Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada (514) 420-0045.

Circle No. 240

2.25 kW C-band TWT Amplifier

The model VZC-6967B4 C-band TWT amplifier has been refined to provide an improved user interface and CE certification for European safety requirements. It works seamlessly with earlier models and with fixed-satellite service applications such as video transmission and high volume international data and telephony.

Communications & Power Industries (CPI), Satcom Division, Palo Alto, CA (650) 846-3700.

Circle No. 241

Octave- and Ka-band Amplifiers

The model JCA1826-300 GaAs FET amplifier covers the frequency range of 18 to 26 GHz with a gain of 15 dB. Noise figure is 4.0 dB (max), minimum power output is +10 dBm and SWR is 2.0. Drop-in-style packages are available. The model JCA2730-K01 Ka-band amplifier for LMDS covers a frequency of 27.5 to 30.0 GHz with a minimum gain of 31 dB and maximum gain flatness of ±1.0 dB. Typical noise figure is 6.5 dB and power output is +15 dBm at P1 dB. The SWR is 2.0 (max) and includes optional drop-in-style packages, alternate gains and temperature compensation.

JCA Technology Inc., Camarillo, CA (805) 445-9888.

Circle No. 243

Wideband Amplifiers

The models 7200LC (200 W linear) and 7400LC (400 W linear) amplifiers cover the frequency range of 20 to 1000 MHz in a single band, making them ideal for a variety of broadband applications including high power RF immunity testing. No band switching, tuning or adjustments are required to operate the system. Both units are linear class A amplifiers designed to be driven from 1 mW (0 dBm) sources and feature low harmonics and spurious outputs, infinite SWR tolerance and remote control.

Kalmus, Bothell, WA (425) 485-9000.

Circle No. 244

Power Amplifier

The model ITT2305AK single positive supply power amplifier is designed for use as a boost-er for high power Bluetooth devices. It features 20 dB of gain that dramatically increases the range of low power devices. It can operate over a wide range of supply voltages and has easily controlled output power via varying input power or the analog control voltage. The typical draw is 60 mA and the amplifier can operate at 100 percent duty cycle. Housed in an extremely small six-pin SOT plastic package, it is suitable for pick-and-place automated component insertion and can be supplied either on tape and reel or in cans.

GaAsTEK, Roanoke, VA (888) 563-3949 or (540) 563-3949.

Circle No. 242

6–18 GHz Switched Amplifier

The model A222011-1 switched amplifier is a broadband integrated microwave assembly that includes a four-stage amplifier section that can be internally bypassed by a pair of SP2T switches integrated at the input and output of the assembly. Also integrated at the output is a 20 dB directional coupler that provides a second sample RF output from the device. The unit operates from ±12 V DC supplies and requires a single TTL-level signal to control its RF state. When switched to the amplifier state, the insertion gain is +21 ±1.5 dB with high linearity (+38 dBm typical TOI). When switched to the bypass state, the insertion gain is –4 ±1.5 dB, with similar high linearity. In addition, the amplifier's +12 V bias current is reduced to less than 35 percent of its value in the amplifier state, thereby reducing the device's overall power dissipation.

Microwave Concepts Inc. (Micro-Con), Fairfield, NJ (973) 244-1040.

Circle No. 245

Power Amplifier Module

The model PA3100TM power amplifier (PA) module is the first in a family of PA modules that will, in conjunction with the MSM3100TM Mobile Station Modem baseband processing chip, RFT3100TM transmit and RFR3100TM receive chips, and PM1000TM power management chip, work to form a very complete and highly integrated CDMA chipset solution. Together, the PA3100 module and the RFT3100 chip compose the entire radio portion of the transmit chain for I-95B-compliant handsets. The module delivers 28 dBm linear output power with 25 dB linear gain and 34 percent linear efficiency in CDMA mode and 50 percent efficiency in AMPS mode.

QUALCOMM Inc., San Diego, CA (858) 587-1121.

Circle No. 246

80 dB Ultra-high Dynamic Range SDLVA Chip

The model SDLVAC-0120-80 is a 300 MHz to 2 GHz, –75 to +5 dBm dynamic range succes-sive detection logarithmic video amplifier chip (SDLVA chip) with a log scope of 25 mV/dB (10 to 50 mV/dB available). The log linearity is ±1.0 dB from the best fit straight line over the dynamic range and an additional ±1.0 dB over the operating temperature range of –40° to +85°C (typ). The chip provides 20 MHz video bandwith and a limited IF output of –20 dBm (min). It operates from +5 V DC at +80 mA and –5 V DC at –135 mA (typ). Size: 0.50" ¥ 0.35" ¥ 0.09".

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc. (PMI), Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.

Circle No. 247

CDMA/FM Low Noise Amplifier/Mixer 900 MHz Downconverter

The model RF2461 complete receiver front end provides excellent noise figure and linearity performance for dual-mode CDMA/FM cellular applications. This component is the first introduced using the company's advanced silicon germanium process technology. It meets all front-end requirements at an economic price and minimizes board area in its 4 ¥ 4 mm leadless package. The RF2461 offers a stepped gain control range as it amplifies and downconverts RF signals. Along with digitally controlled LNA gain, mixer gain and a power-down mode, the component features an adjustable IIP3 of the LNA and mixer bias current using an off-chip current-setting resistor. Price: $1.87 (10,000).

RF Micro Devices Inc., Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233.

Circle No. 248

18–31 GHz Low Noise Amplifier

The model CHA2069 18 to 31 GHz three-stage, self-biased, wideband monolithic low noise amplifier is manufactured with a standard pHEMT process: 0.25 mm gate length. It provides a 2.5 dB noise figure with 22 dB gain and ±1 dB gain flatness within the defined band. The 20 dBm output third-order intercept point provides a better dynamic range while offering low DC power consumption at 55 mA. Delivery: stock.

United Monolithic Semiconductors, Orsay, France +33 1 69 33 03 35.

Circle No. 251

K- and Ka-band Low Noise Amplifiers

The models SLK-18-3 and SLKa-18-4 low noise amplifiers operate from 18 to 26.5 and 26.5 to 40 GHz, respectively. Typical maximum noise fig- ures are 2.5 dB (3.0 dB in K band) and 3.5 dB (4.0 dB) in Ka band. Gain for both models can range from 10 to 30 dB. A variety of moderate-bandwidth amplifiers can be built to customer specifications. Bias is +8 to +15 V at 75 mA. Input/output connectors can be either K-connector or waveguide.

Spacek Labs Inc., Santa Barbara, CA (805) 564-4404.

Circle No. 249

GaAs HBT MMIC Power Amplifier

The model TG2013F PA is ideal for applications in 1.9 GHz PCS and CDMA systems. It offers high output power of 29 dBm, a single power supply of 3.6 V, high gain of 24 dB, efficiency to 30 percent and SWR of < 3. The low SWR allows the unit to transmit more power than it reflects, making it much more efficient. The device provides even better linearity than a silicon device while the high output power and high gain boost the signal for transmission. Size: 5.3 ¥ 6.4 mm. Price: $4.50 (1000).

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc., Irvine, CA (800) 879-4963, ext. 209.

Circle No. 250

6&ndash;12 GHz Microwave Amplifier

The model AML612P4401 6 to 12 GHz, 1 W microwave amplifier provides 44 dB gain and flatness of ±2 dB. The maximum noise figure is 2.5 dB and input/output SWR is 1.8. DC current consumption is 700 mA (nom) from a 12 to 15 V DC supply. Connectors are removable SMA. Size: 2.0" ¥ 0.8" ¥ 0.35".

AML Communications Inc., Camarillo, CA (805) 388-1345.

Circle No. 298

Surface-mount Power Amplifier

The model ASMA-301 surface-mount power amplifier covers the 1 to 1000 MHz frequency range for RF and microwave applications and is an excellent choice for such broadband applications as digital radios, wireless communications base stations and repeaters. The device is also an excellent solution for 2.0 GHz PCS, MMDS and INMARSAT applications. Nominal power gain is 10.5 dB and output power is +28 dBm (typ) at 1 dB compression. The cascadable, broadband amplifier is a stable 50 W gain block that features good linearity, internal biasing and single positive supply operation. It is provided in a ceramic power package and is available in tape and reel.

Avnet, Microwave Technical Solutions (Avnet MTS), San Jose, CA (408) 360-4000.

Circle No. 296

Linear Amplifiers

These lightweight, high power, linear amplifiers use LDMOS FETs for pulsed avionics applications. Using proprietary device and circuit technology, the amplifiers operate reliably at elevated DC voltages and exhibit ultralinear class AB performance. They are also specifically optimized to provide undistorted, open-loop amplification of the new, complex, high data rate avionics modulations.

Zeta, an Integrated Defense Technologies company, San Jose, CA (408) 434-3602.

Circle No. 253

Ultra-high Dynamic Range GaAs Amplifier

The model AH11 GaAs amplifier extends the linear efficiency advantages of previous models to higher power levels. It can deliver over +17 dBm of linear output power with an output IP3 greater than 50 dBm, operating from a 5 V supply in a push-pull configuration. The unit also exhibits a 3.7 dB noise figure at a P1dB of +27 dBm. The device is available in an SOIC-8 package and is 100 percent RF and DC tested. Price: < $6.75 (10,000).

Watkins-Johnson Co., Munich, Germany (800) 951-4401 (US) or +44 125 266 1761 (Europe).

Circle No. 252

Solid-state RF Amplifier

The model SSPA2.2-2.6-80 high power, solid-state RF amplifier is designed for use in commercial or military systems. It offers greater than 30 dB of gain from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz and has a 1 dB compression point of 49 dBm (min). The unit operates from 12 V DC with an input/output SWR of less than 1.5 (typ) and a noise figure of less than 6 dB. Power-added efficiency is greater than 30 percent. Size: 4" ¥ 8" ¥ 1". Input and output connectors are SMA female standard.

Aethercomm Inc., San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340.

Circle No. 297

Dual-band, High Power Amplifiers

These flexible dual-band, high power amplifiers allow easy utilization of both Ku- and DBS-band frequency ranges in one compact unit making them ideal for mobile applications. The amplifiers are available in either single-thread or configurations, with three models available for power levels of 100, 300 and 500 W.

Xicom Technology, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 481-3002, ext. 114.

Circle No. 299


GPS Antenna

This fixed-mount GPS antenna enables the capture and deployment of synchronized time signals for timing applications in cellular, paging, PCS operations and other industries. It permits GPS signals to be used at fixed locations in establishing precise time/space reference measurements. In addition, the antenna can be used to geographically locate signal sources and is designed for operation under harsh conditions. Gain is 3.5 dB with an LNA gain of 26 dB, and the unit operates at a frequency of 1575 MHz ±4.0. SWR is < 2.0 and impedance is 50 W. Price: starts at $275. Delivery: four to six weeks.

Hirschmann, Pine Brook, NJ (973) 830-2000.

Circle No. 254

Broadband Yagi Antennas

The models ASP-998 and ASPG998 Yagi antennas provide broadband coverage for the 806 to 894 and 890 to 960 MHz frequency ranges, respectively, eliminating field tuning. These lightweight, durable, water-resistent antennas are ideal for quick and easy deployment in point-to-point systems, wireless local loop, spread spectrum and select area coverage applications. The two antennas have 8 dBd (10 dBi) gain with an SWR of 1.5. Both are wind rated at 120 mph, have black DURACOATTM aluminum elements, include completely encapsulated feed assemblies, are vertically polarized and have a 125 W power rating. Weight: 1.2 lb (0.55 kg). Length: 23.2 inches (58.9 cm).

Antenna Specialists, an Allen Telecom company, Cleveland, OH (440) 349-8400.

Circle No. 300

2.4 GHz ISM-MPR Parabolic Reflector Antennas

The models MPR24020, 24022 and 24024 parabolic reflector antennas are designed for the 2400 to 2483.5 MHz frequency band. They can be used as a bridge antenna between two networks or for point-to-point communications. The nominal impedance is 50 W. Wind survival is 110 mph with 1/2-inch of ice. The units feature a narrow beamwidth and have rugged mounts with a 20° fine-adjustment feature for horizontal and vertical planes.

MAXRAD, Hanover Park, IL (800) 323-9122.

Circle No. 255

Embedded Antenna

The industry's smallest Bluetooth embedded antenna is currrently available for Bluetooth adopters. The 2.4 GHz model for notebook computers provides reliable, easy-to-use, adjustment-free antenna technology. This antenna features spherical coverage and is so small it can be mounted onto a board as if it were a component without sacrificing performance. In addition, the unit provides both vertical and horizontal polarization when installed on a horizontal plane, making it ideal for notebook computing devices.

Rangestar Wireless, Aptos, CA (888) 647-7100 or (831) 661-4200.

Circle No. 256

In-band Transverter/Antenna

The model MTR2000 MMDS transverter and antenna has been designed to operate in the MMDS band exclusively. It features 126 MHz of downstream and 12 MHz of upstream bandwidth. The pre-LNA filter and internal diplexer provide excellent immunity to interfering PCS, military and weather radar signals. A single crystal oscillator provides the reference frequency for two phase-locked local oscillators. Optional antennas with gains of 15 or 18 dBi are also available.

REMEC Magnum Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 432-9898.

Circle No. 257

Dual-polarized Diagonal Horn Antenna

The model 9911-800 dual-polarized broad-band diagonal horn antenna is designed for very low sidelobes and near-constant beamwidths. It was originally intended for use in radiometry data gathering, but may be used in any application requiring low sidelobes and/or near-constant beamwidth. The frequency range is 4.5 to 7.0 GHz with 21.0 dBil gain. SWR is 1.7, isolation is 20 dB (min) and cross polarization is 25 dB (min). The unit weighs approximately 17.5 lb.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.

Circle No. 258


Clock Generator

The model FS6261-01 single-chip motherboard clock generator IC is designed for 133 MHz front-side bus motherboards and offers nonlinear, spread spectrum modulation for reduced system electromagnetic interference. It also delivers low cycle to cycle CPU clock jitter (under 150 ps p-p) for improved time margins. The FS6261-01 provides four CPU clocks at up to 133 MHz, two CPU/2 clocks, seven PCI bus clocks, four AGP clocks, three IOAPIC clocks, two REF clocks and one USB clock. It is available in a 56-pin, 0.3-inch shrink small outline package. Price: $2.18 (10,000).

American Microsystems Inc. (AMI), Pocatello, ID (208) 233-4690.

Circle No. 311

Two-way Wireless Transceiver

The model PT800 multipurpose RF (MuRF) transceiver enables two-way radio communication in personal wireless connectivity applications operating in the 220 to 870 MHz and 902 to 928 MHz industrial, scientific and medical bands. The unit halves the number of components normally required for two-way radio transmission, which reduces power consumption by up to 100 percent and cost by up to 50 percent. The frequency-locked active filter design enhances gain, sensitivity and selectivity while minimizing battery power consumption. The peak power consumption for the receiver section is less than 8 mW, which is a reduction of 40 to 100 percent. The transceiver powers down to below 1 mA current drain to allow extremely long battery life for remote sensors. Price: less than $4.00 in volume.

Philsar Semiconductor Inc., Nepean, Ontario, Canada (800) 551-2319 or (613) 274-0922.

Circle No. 230

Low Drift RF Detector/Controller

The model AD8314 RF detector/controller enables precise, temperature-stable power amplifier control and supports all current and emerging cellular standards. It replaces discrete diode detectors and offers wireless designers a single-package IC solution. Operating at up to a 2500 MHz frequency range with 45 dB dynamic range, the unit handles a wide signal range with ±0.5 dB accuracy. Designers no longer have to adjust for temperature variability during manufacturing, and design time is reduced. The detector/controller also minimizes board area due to its eight-pin microSOIC packaging, which reduces required space by as much as 50 percent. Price: $3.95 (1000).

Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.

Circle No. 303


Multimode, Multiband pHEMT Switches

These 3 V pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) switches include the models AWS5509S17 triband single-pole four-throw (SP4T) switch for GSM, digital communication system (DCS) and PCS operation and AWS5510S20 dual-band SP4T switch for AMPS/TDMA 800 and AMPS 1900 handset applications. In addition to reducing component count and eliminating interconnects, the single-supply switches demonstrate the low insertion loss (0.4 dB (typ) for the model AWS5510S20), high isolation (better than 20 dB between all ports) and low harmonics (better than &ndash;65 dBc) required by wireless handset designs. The devices feature +2.7 V DC CMOS-compatible control with no negative voltage requirements. The AWS5509S17 switch is housed in a TSSOP-20 surface-mount package and is priced at $2.25 (100,000); the AWS5510S20 switch is housed in a TSSOP-16 surface-mount package and is priced at $2.10 (100,000).

ANADIGICS Inc., Warren, NJ (908) 668-5000.

Circle No. 215

PCB Crossover Components

These XingerTM surface-mount crossover components include one for DC-to-RF and one for RF-to-RF signal crossing. The units can reduce the need for expensive multilayer boards and can be mounted by tape and reel for high volume manufacturing, which provides many advantages over traditional signal-crossing methods. Both components work in the DC to 6 GHz range and provide a maximum insertion loss of less than 0.1 dB. The return loss for both is greater than 20 dB and the RF-RF component has an isolation of better than 25 dB. Package size: 0.2" ¥ 0.2".

Anaren Microwave Inc., East Syracuse, NY (315) 432-8909.

Circle No. 216

Radial Leaded Capacitors

The SK and SV series radial leaded capacitors are low equivalent series resistance (ESR) so- lutions for a variety of power supply challenges. The SK series capacitors can economically replace tantalum or aluminum electrolytic metal cans in many high switching frequency power supplies. The SV series capacitors offer designers of power supplies alternatives for high voltage filtering, snubber and resonator circuits. They are made specifically for applications that require capacitors with high voltage, low leakage current and low ESR in a small package. The SK capacitors are rated from 25 to 500 V DC in C0G and X7R dielectrics with capacitance values from 1000 pF to 33 mF. Also offered is a Z5U dielectric in 25 to 200 V DC ratings. Typical ESR for the SK series is in the milliohm range at 1 MHz. The SK series feature high RMS and surge current capabilities and a wide operating temperature range of &ndash;55° to +125°C for NPO/X7R and +10° to +85°C for Z5U. Prices: 50¢ to $1.80 (1000) for the SK series and 60¢ to $1.87 (10,000) for the SV series (depending on size). Delivery: stock to 10 weeks (SK series); stock to eight weeks (SV series).

AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 217

Miniature Coaxial Coupler

The model 50-AC-FFA-10 miniature coaxial coupler offers a compact, cost-effective and quality solution to UHF and cellular applications. The unit has a frequency range of 0.5 to 1.0 GHz and is available with a 10, 20 or 30 dB coupling factor. Other specifications include an SWR of 1.15 (max, primary and secondary line); reflected power of 5 W (avg), 3 kW (peak); and frequency sensitivity of ±0.75 dB (max). Size: 3.61" ¥ 0.86" ¥ 0.42". Weight: 1.3 oz.

BCP (Bird Component Products), Largo, FL (727) 547-8826.

Circle No. 218

Integrated Circulator and High Power Termination Assembly

The model IR360 integrated circulator and high power termination assembly is a WR-28 waveguide isolator rated at 200 W CW forward power into any output load impedance (including a short circuit). Typical specifications over the operating bandwidth include an isolation of 23 dB, SWR of 1.15 and insertion loss of 0.25 dB. Cooling is achieved through both conduction and forced air (convection).

Channel Microwave Corp., Camarillo, CA (805) 482-7280.

Circle No. 219

Sub-band PCS Duplexers

The models WSD-00132/00133/00134 high performance, compact, sub-band PCS duplexers are offered in 20 MHz A&D, B&E and F&C-band models with exceptional isolation and low insertion loss. The duplexers are configured with receive passbands of 1850 to 1870 MHz for the WSD-00132, 1870 to 1890 MHz for the WSD-00133 and 1890 to 1910 MHz for the WSD-00134. The transmit passbands are 1930 to 1950 MHz, 1950 to 1970 MHz and 1970 to 1990 MHz, respectively. Insertion losses within the passbands are specified at 1.5 dB (max) for the receive and 0.9 dB (max) for the transmit, with passband return loss specified at 14 dB (min). Transmit passband power handling is rated at 10 W CW and 100 W peak instantaneous power (PIP). Operating temperature range is 0° to +50°C. Size: 4.2" ¥ 2.5" ¥ 1.5", excluding connectors.

K&L Microwave Inc., Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 223

Toroidal Inductors

The low cost HCT series toroidal inductors are designed for high current, low voltage applica- tions, particularly the latest generation of low voltage microprocessors. The toroid core offers a compact size with minimal external magnetic fields. The series has an operating temperature range of &ndash;40° to +85°C with high shock and vibration resistance. The 1.5 mH inductors can be provided in either a vertical or horizontal mounting style; custom versions are also available. Price: 65¢ (10,000). Delivery: stock.

Coilcraft, Cary, IL (847) 639-6400.

Circle No. 220

Wideband Terminations

This complete series of SMA, 3.5 mm and K connector-compatible wideband terminations offers 1 W power handling in a low profile package. The full DC to 18 GHz performance allows for multiband coverage or permits the user to procure one part type for many applications. Use part number 12-008 for applications where an SMA male low power termination is required.

Florida RF Labs, Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594 or (561) 286-9300.

Circle No. 221

Wideband, Solid-state, Programmable Attenuator

The model 50P-1391 solid-state programmable attenuator covers the frequency range of 800 to 3000 MHz with an attenuation range of 0 to 63 dB in 1 dB steps. The unit features a 5 microsecond switching speed with an accuracy of ±3 percent of programmed attenuation at 3000 MHz, third-order intercept of +40 dBm and input power of +20 dBm. The unit has built-in TTL drivers and is available with SMA female RF connectors.

JFW Industries, Indianapolis, IN (317) 885-3247.

Circle No. 222

GaAs SPDT Switches

These GaAs SPDT switches are available in low cost, small SOT plastic packages and cover the DC to 3 GHz frequency range. The model SW-437 MMIC SPDT reflective switch is available in the ultraminiature SOT-363 package; the model SW-442 SPDT terminated switch is available in the SOT-26 package. Both switches are suitable for use in applications requiring low insertion loss, good isolation and small package size, and are particularly well suited for use in portable, dual-band telephones where switching between small-signal components is required. The units also can be used for general-purpose switching in applications up to 0.25 W. Key attributes include positive or negative control voltages (2.5 to 8 V), good device-to-device consistency and low insertion loss for CDMA, TDMA, GSM and wideband CDMA applications.

M/A-COM, Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266.

Circle No. 224

Combline Filters

The MMFM-FGBC series combline filters allow very wide stopband rejection in very small enclosures without the appearance of re-entrant spurious passbands. The units require no tuning once incorporated in a circuit, which makes them very cost effective, especially in high volume production. The temperature range is from &ndash;55° to +125°C with inherently low EM emissions and the ability to handle low to medium power. The filters can be designed with center frequencies from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and employ the company's patent-pending Multi-MixTM multilayer manufacturing process. Size: 0.75" ¥0.53" ¥ 0.04".

Merrimac Industries Inc., West Caldwell, NJ (888) 434-6636.

Circle No. 226

3.5 mm Adapters

The Quick Test QT3.5mmTM 8006 adapters are push on/pull off 3.5 mm adapters designed for long life and excellent repeatability. The in-series adapters adapt from standard 3.5 mm to one of four optional QT3.5mm connector configurations: the "no nut" design, the 3/8" nut design, the 9/16" nut design and the guide sleeve design. The new, patent-pending design is specifically developed for rugged, long-term use. The maximum mating cycles of the 8006 series will meet or exceed conventional thread-on 3.5 mm connectors without any significant degradation in repeatability.

Maury Microwave Corp., Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.

Circle No. 225

Low Loss Cable Assemblies

The UFA series UTiFLEX" low loss cable assemblies feature outstanding mechanical in- tegrity without sacrificing insertion loss, phase stability or SWR. Maximum insertion loss ranges from 0.11 dB/ft at 1 GHz to 1.21 dB/ft at 50 GHz, depending on the cable assemblies. Phase stability is as low as 2° at 10 and 18 GHz. All five assemblies in the series have 50 W impedance. Frequency ranges are DC to 26.5 GHz for the models UFA147B, UFA210A and UFA210B; DC to 40 GHz for the model UFA147A; and DC to 50 GHz for the model UFA125A. The units also have a patented connector attachment that provides high reliability and can withstand heavy stress. The connector body, dielectric and center contact are completely captivated.

MICRO-COAX, Collegeville, PA (800) 223-2629.

Circle No. 227

MOSFET Quad Mixer

The model PE4120 high linearity MOSFET quad mixer is a passive, broadband device that performs functions ranging from frequency conversion to phase detection at up to 2.5 GHz. A conversion loss of only 6 dB across its entire operating frequency range makes the unit ideal for such applications as cellular/PCS telephone network base stations and cable modems. The chip offers both cost and performance advantages over other devices of its kind. Operating across a frequency range from 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz, the PE4120 mixes a received RF signal with the output of an LO to produce an IF. For transmission, it mixes IF and LO signals to produce an RF output. Power loss during the conversion is only 6 dB at any frequency with a 20 dBm LO drive. The linearity of the chip is 28 dBm, LO-IF isolation is 36 dB and LO-RF isolation is 34 dB. Operating temperature range is &ndash;40° to +85°C. Price: $1 (10,000).

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., San Diego, CA (858) 455-0660.

Circle No. 229

LC Filters

The 8600 series LC filters for the Customer Premise Equipment transceiver element of the LMDS/MMDS wireless network are packaged as hermetically sealed true SMT devices that will completely support full automated assembly operations. The transmit path filters feature center frequencies in the 450 to 650 MHz range, and the receive path filters feature center frequencies in the 1200 to 1500 MHz range. The 1 dB passband responses are generally 75 and 375 MHz for the transmit and receive paths, respectively. Both filters exhibit excellent stopband rejection characteristics and operate within a temperature range of &ndash;40° to +85°C. The filters are available on tape and reel and can be customized. Delivery: eight to 10 weeks (ARO).

Piezo Technology Inc. (PTI), Orlando, FL (407) 298-2000.

Circle No. 231

Precision Microwave Feed Assembly

The precision waveguide 22 (WR28) assembly makes possible the deployment of the latest communication technology for high density data transfer. This precision microwave feed assembly uses the company's MM casting process to minimize the number of parts required in the assembly. Castings are used for complex microwave filters, intricate waveguide bends and orthomode transducers. These cast parts are brought together using specially developed bonding methods, which enable rapid assembly while still retaining microwave integrity and mechanical strength. This process is ideally suited for production of small, high precision alloy components that have thin walls and require superior finish and minimal porosity.

Micro Metalsmiths Ltd., Pickering, N. Yorks, UK +44 (0) 1751 475058.

Circle No. 228

25 W RF Filter

This RF frequency-agile filter using microelectromechanical system (MEMS) relays supplied by Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc. matches or exceeds several performance criteria of traditional RF filters, but in a much smaller assembly using fewer parts. The 25 W tunable power RF bandpass filter is for potential use in a variety of military and commercial telecommunications applications in which compact size and high efficiency are needed. By employing MEMS relays in the tuning process, the board area and volume of the RF filter tuning components can be reduced by more than 50 percent compared with RF filters using PIN diode switches for tuning. This MEMS-based filter is tunable to four separate sub-bands in the VHF spectrum ranging from 44 to 56 MHz with total insertion loss of 0.8 to 1.0 dB. (The MEMS relays contribute a total of 0.1 to 2.0 dB of that loss.)

Raytheon Co., Fort Wayne, IN (219) 429-5547.

Circle No. 232

Miniature High Voltage Connector

These miniature high voltage (MHV) connectors provide shielded disconnects where high voltages are present and the BNC-type interface is required. Center contacts are recessed within lengthened dielectric material to provide protection against electrical shock when handling unmated connectors. These non-constant-impedance MHV connectors feature nickel-plated, machined-brass bodies; gold-plated pins and contacts; and Teflon insulation for enhanced performance. They are designed to be used in applications with frequencies of DC to 300 MHz and a test voltage up to 5 kV RMS in mated pairs.

RF Connectors, San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728 or (858) 549-6340.

Circle No. 233

Surface-mount SAW Filter and Resonator

This surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter at 868.35 MHz and 868.95 MHz with an accompanying 10.7 MHz LO resonator is intended for use in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's newly released 868 to 870 MHz frequency band. The model RF1336B filter is a surface-mount, metal lid, ceramic base package with an 8.71 ¥ 6.04 mm footprint; the model R02164A resonator is a surface-mount, ceramic lid, ceramic base package with a 5.97 ¥ 3.94 mm footprint.

RF Monolithics Inc. (RFM), Dallas, TX (800) 704-6079 or (972) 448-3700.

Circle No. 234

High Power and Standard Cellular Duplexers

These cellular duplexers provide both high isolation and low insertion loss. The absence of magnetic materials together with strict attention to structure result in low intermodulation. Both high power and standard models are supplied in a 2U rack-mount package. Power ratings assume an operating altitide of 10,000 feet, a base plate temperature of +50°C and an antenna SWR of 2. Return loss is 14 dB and impedance is 50 W.

RLC Electronics Inc., Mt. Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334.

Circle No. 235

SATCOM Waveguide Switch

The model WS8189 waveguide switch is the first in a family of waveguide switches being designed for use in SATCOM ground-based applications. The switch includes manual override and Form 3C inhibit contacts and is available in WR 75 and WR 62. The switch time is 100 ms and the actuator current is 0.9 A in all conditions. Typical values at room temperature are 60 ms and 0.7 A, respectively. The entire switch (including the actuator) is weatherized and suitable for outdoor applications.

Sivers Lab AB, Kista, Sweden +46 (8) 477 68 00 or e-mail:

Circle No. 236

Cable Assemblies

The 94 series cable assemblies offer stable electrical performance in a rugged package. Consistent performance over multiple flexures (< 0.1°/GHz at 2.50" radius) makes these units an ideal choice for vector network analyzer test applications through 26.5 GHz. The solid construction is demonstrated by a connector retention of > 60 lb and compressive strength of > 200 lb/inch. The cable is also available with soft or hard armoring for when additional compression resistance is needed and flexibility is not as critical.

Storm Products-RF/Microwave, Hinsdale, IL (888) 347-8676 or (630) 323-9121.

Circle No. 237

I&Q Modulator/Demodulator

The models VMS 935 and VMS 1710 I&Q modulator/demodulator have high dynamic range in a miniature package that measures 0.5" ¥ 0.5" ¥ 0.22". The VMS-935 has 27 dB carrier and 30 dB single sideband (SSB) rejection. Typical amplitude unbalance is 0.2 dB and phase unbalance is 1°. The VMS-1710 has an excellent carrier and SSB rejection of 25 dB and 27 dB, respectively, with typical amplitude and phase unbalance of 0.4 dB and 2°, respectively.

Synergy Microwave Corp., Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800.

Circle No. 238

High Density PIN Interface Blocks

The VG series interface blocks (VGRCB) feature one model with triple capacity for signal, power and high frequency transmission, and a second model with a standard ribbon cable interface. Four configurations provide for 170, 136, 110 or 40 test signals per connector block. The new 136-pin count version is designed to use standard ribbon cable headers. Size: 2.345" ¥ 1.115" with 100-mil grid pin spacing.

TTI Testron, a division of Everett Charles Technologies, Pomona, CA (909) 625-9332.

Circle No. 239

100 dB High Isolation Switch

The model SWM-6000-1DTU-ECL-GB is a 100 dB high isolation, 20 ns ultra-high speed, balanced, low video transient, nonreflective, SPST solid-state switch. Between 10 MHz and 2 GHz, the insertion loss is 3 dB and the SWR is 2 (max). The switch operates from ±5 V DC at ±100 mA (max). Control logic is ECL, but TTL is also available. Size: 1.5" ¥ 1.5" ¥ 0.4", with removable SMA connectors. Miniature sizes are available.

American Microwave Corp. (AMC), Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.

Circle No. 289

Variable Capacitors

The 1500 series Eco-Trim" variable capacitors are low cost, high performance air capacitors for applications where high Q and cost are design criteria. The devices are suitable for use in impedance matching, filter tuning, interstage coupling and antenna tuning with a capacitance range of 1 to 10 pF, a rated voltage of 250 V DC and an operating temperature range of &ndash;65° to +125°C. Five mounting styles are available for PC and surface-mount applications. Price: $1.95 (2500). Delivery: four to six weeks.

Johanson, Boonton, NJ (973) 334-2676.

Circle No. 291

Bandpass Filter

The model 13010 bandpass filter is part of a family of waveguide filters used in microwave radio applications to isolate, transmit and receive frequencies. It has a passband of 50 MHz in the 27.5 to 29.5 GHz frequency range, maximum insertion loss of 2.0 dB, return loss of 15 dB (typ) and rejection of 30 dB (min) at ±150 MHz from the center frequency. The unit is supplied with WR-28 flanges and has a maximum length of 1.75".

Microwave Filter Company (MFC), East Syracuse, NY (800) 488-1666 or (315) 438-4700.

Circle No. 292

Phase-invariant Attenator

The model A3P-64-0AE digitally controlled PIN diode phase-invariant attenuator offers virtually phase-free operation over a dynamic range of 45 dB in the 3:1 bandwidth of 6 through 18 GHz. At any attenuation up to 20 dB, the unit has a flatness vs. attenuation of less than ±0.9 dB and a delta phase of less than ±5°. The attenuator demonstrates monotonic performance with eight bits of TTL-compatible binary logic and has an SWR of less than 2 with a total switching speed under 350 ns.

G.T. Microwave Inc., Randolph, NJ (973) 361-5700.

Circle No. 290

RF Relays

The company's expanded RF relay product offering includes magnetic latching, high repeatability, bypass and attenuation models. With enhanced bandwidth performance up to 4 GHz, the units all have excellent RF signal response over their entire bandwidth. In addition, each device includes a metal enclosure for electromagnetic interference shielding, a ground pin option to improve case grounding, high isolation between control and RF signal paths, and a higher resistance to ESD.

Teledyne Relays, Hawthorne, CA (323) 777-0077.

Circle No. 263

Microwave Assembly

The model MP4269 highly integrated subassembly is designed for a military airborne requirement. This switched filter bank integrates seven switched bandpass filters operating over the input frequency range of 0.45 to 20.10 GHz and a passband range of 0.45 to 8.05 GHz. The passband insertion loss is 5.5 dB (max), passband-to-passband variation is 1.5 dB (max) and differential group delay is 10 ns. Channel-to-channel isolation is 60 dB (min) and SWR (all ports) is 1.8. The operating temperature range for the assembly is 0° to +70°C with power supply voltages of +5 and &ndash;15 V. Logic is CMOS compatible. Size: 5.0" ¥ 4.0" ¥ 0.5", excluding SMA connectors, which are field replaceable.

Robinson Laboratories Inc., Nashua, NH (603) 880-7880.

Circle No. 294

Low Loss Flexible Cables and Cable Assemblies

The Coaxi-FlexTM high performance, low loss, flexible cables and cable assemblies designed for use in microwave and video applications. The innov- ative primary shield design features a silver-plated, flat copper strip instead of conventional round wire, significantly reducing attenuation. Coaxi-Flex performance capabilities are further enhanced by the precise engineering of prime material into the center conductor, dielectric, second and third shields, and sturdy jacket. The cables operate up to 26 GHz and are available in 0.195" and 0.120" diameters. Cable assemblies in lengths of 18", 24", 30" and 36" are available standard from stock with SMA connectors.

Precision Tube, Salisbury, MD (410) 546-3911.

Circle No. 293

Thin- and Thick-film Chip Resistors

The models RM0502, RM0402 and RM0603 high reliability, thin-and thick-film chip resistors are qualified to MIL-PRF-55342 (revision G, amendment 3). They are used in mission-critical applications, such as manned space flight, life support systems, human-implantable medical devices and satellite communications. The resistors have power ratings of up to 70 mW and TCRs from 25 to 300 PPM. Maximum voltage ratings are 25 V (RM0402), 40 V (RM0502) and 50 V (RM0603), and the units are available with tolerances as low as 0.1 percent and have an operating temperature range of &ndash;55° to +125°C. Sizes: 0.05" ¥ 0.02" ¥ 0.01" (RM0502), 0.04" ¥ 0.02" ¥ 0.01" (RM0402) and 0.06" ¥ 0.03" ¥ 0.01" (RM0603).

State of the Art Inc. (SOTA), State College, PA (800) 458-3401.

Circle No. 295

Low Profile EL Choke Coils

The D31FU series surface-mount fixed inductors are low profile, unshielded inductors designed for use as EL inverter IC choke coils. The coils are available in 0.10 to 1.2 mH inductance values and have a 3.3 ¥ 3.3 mm footprint with a low profile of only 1.7 mm (max). They are packaged on tape and reel in 3000-piece quantities.

Toko America Inc., Mount Prospect, IL (847) 297-0070.

Circle No. 264

High Power Directional Coupler

The model FC0813 directional coupler operates over the 280 to 560 MHz frequency range and offers typical insertion loss of 0.2 dB, SWR of 1.29 (max) and directivity of 20 dB (min). Coupling is 10 ±1 dB, flatness is ±0.3 dB and power handling is 350 W (avg). Typical applications include TX power monitoring in telecommunications base stations. Size: 6.26" ¥ 1.16" ¥ 1.16" with standard type-N female connectors. Connectors and coupler configuration variants are available upon request.

Sage Laboratories Inc., Natick, MA (508) 653-0844.

Circle No. 308

Microwave Frequency Converters

The new AFC series miniature frequency converters have a frequency coverage from 6 to 16 GHz and are designed for use in terrestrial mi- crowave links. Each unit has a dielectric resonator oscillator that uses a GaAs FET as the active device. The frequency converters can be mechanically tuned over ±30 MHz and maintain a stability of frequency within ±120 ppm over a temperature range of &ndash;10° to +60°C. Conversion loss from RF to IF is typically 7 dB and is flat over the DC to 4 GHz IF range to within 1 dB. Size: 2.5" ¥ 1.0" ¥ 0.55".

Atlantic Microwave Ltd., Braintree, Essex, UK 01376 550220.

Circle No. 278

26.5 GHz Fixed Attenuators

These 3.5 mm, fixed attenuators are available in a bulkhead version (model 83) and a standard round body configuration (model 56). The units are available in decibel values of 1 to 10, 20 and 30 with a 2 W power rating and 1.10 to 1.25 SWR (max). Operating temperature range is &ndash;55° to +85°C with ±0.50 dB deviation (max). Nominal impedance is 50 W.

Weinschel Corp., Frederick, MD (800) 638-2048 or (301) 846-9222.

Circle No. 309

I/Q Vector Demodulator

The model FPX-CDBQ-1076 I/Q vector demodulator operates over an RF frequency range of 2.5 ±0.25 GHz. It has an input power of &ndash;1 ±3 dBm, with an RF to video conversion loss of less than 14 dB and total ripple of less then 0.75 dB at either I or Q output. Quadrature accuracy is ±3° (max), and I/Q video output power balance is ±0.25 dB (max) into a 1.25 SWR. Price: $750 (5&ndash;9).

Signal Technology Corp., Beverly, MA (978) 524-7211.

Circle No. 282


860&ndash;960 MHz Power Transistor

The model PTF10160 power transistor features a flat power gain of 16 ±0.2 dB over the 869 to 894 MHz and 921 to 960 MHz ranges, while efficiency is 53 percent (typ). The 85 W device is supplied in a 20248 package, which offers a footprint of 34 ¥ 19 mm, including flanges. Designed to operate from a standard 26 V power supply, the unit offers a drain-source breakdown voltage of 65 V. At 25 W peak envelope power, the third-order class AB two-tone intermodular distortion figure is a low &ndash;43 dBc. The transistor employs full gold metallization to ensure good device lifetime and reliability. To meet quality control procedures, 100 percent lot traceablity is standard.

Ericsson Microelectronics, RF Power Products, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, UK +46 8 757 4700.

Circle No. 259

RF LDMOS Devices

The models MRF21125 and MRF21180 RF LDMOS devices are designed for use in 3G base station applications. The MRF21125 is a high power, single-ended device (125 W), and the MRF21180 is a high power, push-pull device (160 W) available in the 2.2 GHz band for wideband CDMA applications. The new devices are fully characterized, individually tuned to operate in the 2.1 to 2.2 GHz frequency range and suitable for all linear transmitter formats. The complete characterization of the devices makes them easier to use in applications where matched device performance is important. The MRF21125 is a single-ended, 125 W device with 20 W average power operating at 2170 MHz. For applications requiring higher peak and average power, the MRF21180 is an internal impedance-matched push-pull transistor that provides 160 W peak power and 24 W average power while meeting the wideband CDMA mask. Both devices are available in package styles with and without the flange and are designed for class AB wideband CDMA applications. Prices (10,000): $216 (MRF21125); $312 (MRF21180).

Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector, Phoenix, AZ (480) 413-5383.

Circle No. 260

Low Voltage RF Power LDMOS Transistor

This 7.5 V, 6 W surface-mount transistor exhibits 10 dB gain at 500 MHz. It is not internally matched and will perform well down to DC. The unit is designed for both narrow and wideband data/voice communication applications. Data sheets, Spice models and S-parameters are available at

Polyfet RF, Camarillo, CA (805) 484-4210.

Circle No. 261

Varactor Tuning Diodes

The models GVD60100 and GVD60200 silicon varactor tuning diodes are offered in a new surface-mount monolithic package (SMMP). This new package design approaches the size of a diode chip yet can be handled using surface-mount technology. It employs photolithographic methods at wafer fabrications to connect to the diode. Since this technique is more exact than wire bonding, it makes it possible to tightly control the parasitic package inductance. Operation is optimized at approximately 2 GHz and is possible up to 10 GHz. The 60100 has a C-V characteristic designed for low voltage VCO applications; the 60200 has a characteristic well suited for wide-bandwidth VCO designs. Both of the models have high Q. Price: $7.75. Delivery: eight to 10 weeks.

Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc., Westbury, NY (516) 334-8700.

Circle No. 262

Hyperabrupt Junction Tuning Varactor

The model SMV1763-079 hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor is specifically designed for 3 V platforms and features a high capacitance ratio at low reverse voltage, making it ideal for low phase noise VCOs in wireless systems up to and beyond 2.5 GHz. The unit is designed for high volume, low cost battery applications, including low noise wideband UHF and VHF VCO for W-CDMA, GSM, PCS and analog phones. It is manufactured in the ultra-small SC-79 package and is available in tape and reel.

Alpha Industries, Woburn, MA (781) 935-5150.

Circle No. 301

Low Closure Force EMI Gaskets

This new line of SOFT-SHIELD" 5000 electromagnetic interference (EMI) gaskets are compliant with 94V-0 flammability requirements and are designed to meet the shielding and mechanical performance requirements for today's commercial electronic enclosures. Consisting of an electrically conductive fabric jacket over soft urethane foam, the gaskets require less than 1 lb/inch (0.175 N/mm) closure force to achieve 40 percent deflection. They are self-terminating and provide greater than 90 dB of EMI shielding from 30 MHz to 1 GHz, and more than 75 dB at 10 GHz. All gaskets are available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for easy attachment. Profiles include rectangular, D- and P-shaped profiles, and C-folds. Price: $1/foot (500 ft) for standard lengths.

Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., Woburn, MA (781) 939-4163.

Circle No. 302


Urethane Liquid Foam System

The ECCOSTOCK"FPH high temperature rigid foam in place urethane series gives users a two-part liquid foam system for filling cavities populated with sensitive electronics to provide lightweight, low dielectric loss, thermal insulation and vibration-damping properties. The series is available in kits with densities of 2, 4, 6 and 10 pound/ft3. Kits are available in 2-, 10- and 70-pound sizes.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, Randolph, MA (800) 650-5740 or (781) 961-9600.

Circle No. 304


Hermetic Headers, Connectors and Feedthroughs

This new line of hermetic headers, connectors and feedthroughs uses pins made of Alumel, Chromel or copper. It is possible to use these materials in glass-to-metal seals with a variety of body materials due to a newly developed sealing glass and the company's proprietary Tek-SealTM sealing process. The pin materials are especially suited to the temperature-sensing industry or any application in which low electrical resistance is required.

Tekna Seal Inc., a division of Maxwell Technologies, Minneapolis, MN (612) 574-1613.

Circle No. 267


Prototyping Service for Plugging High Density Multilayer PC Boards

This service utilizes microvia technology, which eliminates the need for through-hole plating and results in highly miniaturized PC boards with blind, buried and throughhole vias. The technology is ideal for the production of most compact electronic systems and equipment and is intended to "boot strap" the process of getting potential users started with microvia-equipped PC boards by showing both designers and manufacturers how the process works and demonstrating what types of benefits it offers.

Methode Development Co., a subsidiary of Methode Electronics Inc., Chicago, IL (800) 323-6858.

Circle No. 269


High Frequency Circuit and System Design Software

Serenade Version 8.5 is the latest version of the company's high frequency circuit and system design software, which adds powerful new capabilities for demanding RFIC, MMIC and wireless circuit and system designs. Features such as compiled user-defined models and Matlab cosimulation provide engineers with customizable models necessary for advanced device simulation found in today's telecommunication systems. These benefits provide a significant increase in the flexibility of both the linear and nonlinear circuit and system design suites. New layout capabilities enhance features such as parameterized footprints and support of an arbitrary number of layers.

Ansoft Corp., Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200.

Circle No. 270

Calibration Software

This newest version of MET/CAL" Plus calibration software now extends workload coverage to include RF and microwave instruments like signal generators. The software also meets new international standards for calculating and reporting measurement uncertainties, and adds synchronization and Web server options. This capability further enhances the software's usability and accessibility in remote and network applications. Price: $3800 (upgrade from previous version, $1000).

Fluke Corp., Everett, WA (888) 492-7554.

Circle No. 271

Electronic Design Automation Products

GoldenGate/SimTM and GoldenGate/NN-Model CompilerTM software dramatically accelerates design cycles for RF and wireless communication. The products are targeted to designers developing products for existing 2G and rapidly evolving 3G and Bluetooth communication standards. GoldenGate/Sim is a comprehensive RF circuit- and subsystem-level simulation and analysis tool that offers advanced, robust and accurate linear RF, harmonic balance and envelope circuit simulation tools with unique linear and nonlinear stability and phase noise analysis capabilities. GoldenGate/NN-Model Compiler is an innovative behavioral modeling tool based on neural network technology that enables designers to accelerate RF circuit and subsystem simulation while maintaining circuit-level simulation accuracy. It significantly increases productivity of wireless system designers and enables them to handle complex designs. Prices: GoldenGate/Sim is $55,000 for Unix platforms, $10,000 to 40,000 for WindowsTM platforms; GoldenGate/NN-Model Compiler is $75,000 for both platforms.

Xpedion Design Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA (408) 987-0615.

Circle No. 266


925&ndash;1650 MHz VCO

The model V585ME20 VCO has been engineered for the cable modem market and offers linear, broadband tuning and single-sideband phase noise performance. The unit generates frequencies from 925 to 1650 MHz within 3 to 21 V DC of control voltage and covers the frequency range with an average tuning sensitivity of 57 MHz/V. The VCO also exhibits good spectral purity of &ndash;102 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier while drawing 16 mA of current from an 11.5 V DC supply. The unit offers 7 ±2.5 dBm of output power into a 50 W load and is designed for tough outdoor applications since it is specified to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of &ndash;40° to +85°C. In addition, the device can optimize any cable modem phase-locked loop with its 1.1:1 linearity over frequency and temperature. The VCO also pulls less than 20 MHz with a 14 dB return loss, any phase, and has a pushing specification of less than 2 MHz/V within a five percent change in the supply voltage. The unit is supplied in an industry-standard, low profile, miniature SMT package measuring 0.50" ¥ 0.50" ¥ 0.22". Price: $15.95 (5). Delivery: stock to six weeks.

Z-Communications Inc., San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.

Circle No. 277


The models K17255 and K17355 positive emitter-coupled logic (PECL) complementary out- put voltage-controlled-crystal oscillators (VCXO) are configured to operate at 155.52 MHz and provide a total frequency stability of ±30 ppm at 0° to 70°C and ±50 ppm at &ndash;40° to +85°C. The K17255 operates from a 5.0 V supply voltage and the K17355 operates from a 3.3 V supply voltage. The devices are ideal for low jitter performance (5 ps, typ) as jitter performance is maintained while the VCXOs exhibit waveform rise and fall times of less than 450 p. The crystal is hermetically sealed for predictable long-term aging and reliability.

Champion Technologies Inc., Franklin Park, IL (800) 888-1499.

Circle No. 272

Synchronous Clock Generators

The SCG series synchronous clock generators has been engineered to replace discrete designed phase-locked loops (PLL). The generators will accept an input reference signal at one frequency and the output will be a jitter-reduced, phase-coherent signal at a higher frequency. The SCG devices are miniature timing sub- systems that dramatically reduce design time in a complete single-packaged PLL. When used with a timing module the user has a complete packaged telecom timing system and can be assured the maximum, tight-tolerance performance.

Connor-Winfield Corp., Aurora, IL (630) 851-4722.

Circle No. 306

SAW-based, Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model VS-500 SAW stabilized, voltage-controlled oscillator operates at the fundamen- tal frequency of the internal SAW filter. It is a high stability, high Q quartz device that enables the circuit to achieve low phase jitter performance over a wide operating temperature range: 3 pS rms (typ) for 622.080 MHz and 6 pS rms (typ) for 155 MHz. The VS-500 has output frequencies from 155 MHz to 1 GHz with 10 K ECL, PECL logic levels and fast transition times. The unit is ideal for clock smoothing and frequency transition in clock and data retiming applications. It is housed in a low profile, surface-mount package that is the smallest available at 622.080 MHz.

Vectron International, Norwalk, CT (888) 328-7661.

Circle No. 307

Ceramic Resonator

The CSTS-MG series resonator is a drop-in replacement for the company's CST-MGW, downsized 10 percent in width and 20 percent in thickness. It has a shorter standard lead length than the current CST-MGW (3.5 vs. 5.0 mm) with excellent temperature and secular characteristics. In addition, the resonator has improved mounting reliability due to round leads and is available on tape.

MuRata, Smyrna, GA (770) 436-1300.

Circle No. 274


Integrated Modular Assemblies

Designed for microwave, RF, video and audio test applications in the DC to 18 GHz range, these integrated modular assemblies provide a good interface between test equipment and complex, sophisticated systems with multiple inputs and outputs that need to be tested. The company's switch matrix technology provides the basis of the integrated assemblies. A variety of passive components are added, depending on the schematic, to provide customization and increased functionality to testing processes. The units' modular design adds flexibility by allowing the removal of sections from the complex assembly for easy maintenance and service. The switches range from SPST to SP6T, transfers, T-switches and a family of waveguide designs as well as waveguide blocks, matrices and integrated assemblies.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp., Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

Circle No. 279

Pre-approved RF Transceiver

The model TR-916-SC-PA RF module can be integrated into products without further certi- fication from the FCC, which saves customers thousands of dollars and untold delays in bringing their products to market. The unit operates in the 900 MHz band and is capable of transferring analog or digital content bidirectionally. Price: $34.70.

Linx Technologies, Grants Pass, OR (541) 471-6256.

Circle No. 281

C-, X-, Ku- and K-band Linearizers

The WAFL series predistortion linearizers can give TWTAs an effective 4¥ power increase with multicarrier traffic. The frequency ranges are 5850 to 6650 MHz, 7900 to 8400 MHz, 13,750 to 14,500 MHz and 17,300 to 18,400 MHz, respectively. The input/output SWR is less than 1.35. Input power is 120/220 V AC, less then 20 W. The units are easy to tune with full uplink bandwidths.

Linearizer Technology Inc., Hamilton, NJ (609) 584-8424.

Circle No. 280


Digital Power Meter

The model 5000 THRULINE" digital power meter is the industry's first hand-held direc- tional RF power meter combining a digital display with the ability to accurately measure power in both analog and digital RF systems. Its rugged construction and rechargeable NiMH battery make it ideal for use in the field. The operation is fast and easy with a backlit digital display, simple menu commands and five dedicated speed keys. The device provides average, true average or peak measurements of 0.1 to 10,000 W with ±5 percent accuracy and automatically calculates SWR, return loss and match efficiency. Operating range is 0.45 to 3600 MHz.

Bird Electronic Corp., Cleveland, OH (440) 248-1200, ext. 2226.

Circle No. 284

Noise Generator

The VXI9000 series programmable noise generator is able to switch between two noise bands within one instrument, providing dual-frequency capabilities. Available options include a signal and noise combiner, 0.1 dB precision attenuation steps for both the signal and the noise path, and custom noise filtering. Frequency ranges are available from 10 Hz to 40 GHz.

Noise Com, Paramus, NJ (201) 261-8797.

Circle No. 286

Universal Power Meters

The 8650A series universal power meters have added significant new features such as histograms, CDF/CCDF and strip chart capabilities. They are available in single- and dual-channel configurations and have extensive measurement capabilities and features required to measure the peak and average power of TDMA, GSM and CDMA (IS-95 and third-generation) signals. They can also measure CW and pulse modulated signals with NIST-traceable accuracy from 10 MHz to 40 GHz over a &ndash;70 to +47 dBm range. The new histogram, CDF/CCDF and strip chart measurement features join crest factor standard deviation and mean power to provide statistical analysis modes for evaluating modulated signals over a selected time interval. Prices: $3310 (single channel), $4870 (dual channel). Delivery: 30 days.

Giga-tronics Inc., San Ramon, CA (800) 726-4442.

Circle No. 285

Cable Network and Interference Emulator

The TAS 8250 cable network and interference emulator is the first product to emulate critical hybrid fiber/coax cable network impairments in a controllable laboratory instrument. It is an ideal tool for evaluating the transmission performance of cable modems, cable modem termination systems, set-top boxes, HDTV equipment and Internet protocol products. It emulates both upstream (5 to 42 MHz) and downstream (50 to 860 MHz) HFC channel characteristics in a single, integrated instrument. A built-in diplex filter conveniently combines the upstream and downstream channels from the CMTS (or headend) into a single interface, allowing single or multiple subscriber devices to be tested.

Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. (TAS), Eatontown, NJ (732) 544-8700.

Circle No. 287

TV Test Transmitters

The new DVB-T SFQ TV test transmitter features bandwidths of 6, 7 and 8 MHz as well as hierarchial coding in 2k and 8k COFDM mode. The ATSC model complies with the DTV standard and has 8 VSB and 16 VSB capability.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, Germany +49 89 4129-3779.

Circle No. 276


Miniature Traveling-wave Tube

The TH 4030 traveling-wave tube is part of a new range of conduction-cooled mini tubes that is specifically designed for satellite uplink and lo- cal multiple distribution system (LMDS) applications. Operating in a bandwidth of 25.5 GHz to 31.5 GHz it covers all frequencies used by these applications. Developing 40 W CW, the unit also accommodates most of the power requirements for satellite uplink and LMDS. The dual- stage collector enables high efficiency driving power consumption down to 140 W (max). It has a gain of 45 dB (min). Size: 180 ¥ 30 ¥ 40 mm.

Thomson Tubes Electroniques, Velizy, France +3 (1) 30 70 36 40.

Circle No. 288