Rogers Corp. will be highlighting a blend of proven and new materials solutions at the upcoming Defense Manufacturing Conference 2010 (DMC 2010), November 29-December 1, to be held at The Venetian, in Las Vegas, NV.

Representatives from Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division will be available at Booth #1001 to discuss such reliable and tested high-performance materials as RT/duroid® 6202PR and RT/duroid 5880LZ. They will also answer questions on the use of Rogers’ new thin and thermally stable XT/duroid™ 8000 circuit materials and its soon-to-be-released XT/duroid 8100 materials.

DMC 2010, hosted by the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense and Missile Defense Agency (MDA), is a key event for all those involved in defense manufacturing technologies and applications.

Rogers RT/duroid 6202PR offers outstanding dimensional stability for defense and commercial applications, including antennas and multilayer circuits, where reliability and performance over temperature are critical. This high frequency laminate features a relative dielectric constant of 3.00 at 10 GHz, with a z-axis tolerance of ±0.004 maintained across a 0.015-in.-thick board. The low dissipation factor of 0.002 at 10 GHz translates into optimum gain for active circuits and minimal loss for passive designs, while the low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 30 ppm/°C in the z direction is evidence of the material’s excellent dimensional stability with temperature.

Rogers’ light-weight RT/duroid 5880LZ high frequency laminate materials are engineered for weight-sensitive applications, such as airborne antennas. They boast the industry’s lowest dielectric constant of 1.96 at 10 GHz for excellent performance at frequencies to Ku-band and beyond. Based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with a low-density filler material, these low-loss materials deliver outstanding panel-to-panel consistency for a wide range of broadband applications, including missile guidance systems, point-to-point radios and radar receivers. The RoHS-compliant laminates exhibit low loss, with a dissipation factor of typically 0.0019 at 10 GHz, and ensure stable, reliable plated-through holes (PTH) in multilayer circuits with low z-axis CTE of 41.5 ppm/°C.

Rogers’ representatives at DMC 2010 will also be providing insight and advice on the use of their new XT/duroid 8000 laminates for applications in severe environments. These thermoplastic circuit materials provide stable electrical performance over frequency, with a low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of +7 ppm/°C. They feature a z-axis dielectric constant of 3.23±0.05 at 10 GHz and a dissipation factor of 0.0035 or less at 10 GHz. Compatible with lead-free-solder processes, these reliable laminates have low outgassing characteristics for use in space-based, vacuum environments. In addition to XT/duroid 8000, visitors to the Rogers’ booth will also have a chance to learn more about the company’s soon-to-be-released high-performance XT/duroid 8100 laminate materials, which are compatible for use in multilayer boards with ULTRALAM® 3908 bondply and many other material systems.