Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. (EI) announced that the company has added LCP Laminates to its family of microelectronics packaging product offerings. Custom designed LCP Laminates are suitable for semiconductor packages as LCP coreless designs for up to 6 layers as well as in combination with other rigid materials as hybrid circuits. Development and testing of Z-interconnect cross-sections for > 8 layer offerings are also underway.

Long known for its expertise and know-how in the fabrication and testing of high performance materials, EI’s innovative, adhesiveless, film-based LCP Laminates provide high density interconnection with proven reliability and performance. Beginning with Rogers ULTRALAM® 3000 series materials, EI fabricates, tests and assembles its LCP Laminates into advanced microelectronic packages including flex and chip-on-flex, offering a complete solution from design through test of the product.

“EI is committed to developing new processes, technologies and techniques that enable progress in the electronics industry. We fabricate LCP products and perform reliability testing of the structures we create, assisting our customers with the design ground rules of this technology,” said Voya Markovich, Senior VP of R&D and CTO at EI. “Our test results have been excellent, allowing EI to supply complete solutions with proven reliability.”