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GigOptix Inc.
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GigOptix renews interest in acquiring GSI Technology

GigOptix Inc. a leading supplier of advanced high speed semiconductor components for use in long-haul, metro, Cloud connectivity, data centers, consumer electronics links and interactive applications, through optical and wireless communications networks, announced that it had sent a letter to the board of directors of GSI Technology, Inc. renewing GigOptix’ proposal to acquire all of the outstanding shares of GSI Technology’s common stock for an aggregate consideration equal to $6.50 per share.

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GigOptix books $7.9M ASIC order with major aerospace and defense contractor

GigOptix, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced high-speed semiconductor components for use in long-haul, metro, Cloud connectivity, data centers, consumer electronics links and interactive applications, through optical and wireless communications networks, today announced the booking of a $7.9 million order with a large aerospace and defense contractor to deliver ASIC products.

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Low Geometry ASIC

Low Geometry ASICThe ASIC Sunrise family of products deploys GigOptix' customizable CMOS ASIC solutions at 40 nm and 28 nm geometries. GigOptix' robust ASIC Sunrise capability addresses the emerging and fast-growing markets of industrial intense computation that are the growth engines for many rapidly developing areas such as high-performance computers (HPC), super-computers, and algorithm-intensive cryptographic devices such as those utilized in data encryption.

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Channel Linear Modulator Driver: GX62476

GX62476GigOptix Inc. introduced its linear quad-channel modulator driver, the GX62476, for low-power coherent metro applications. The GX62476 extends GigOptix’s telecom driver market leadership position into metro applications with a quad-channel, 32 Gbps solution offering the lowest power dissipation of less than 1.1 W/channel at a 5 VPP swing using 5 V supply voltage and 0.75 W/channel at a 3 VPP swing using a 3.3 V supply voltage.

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GigOptix MMICsGigOptix provides a broad portfolio of MMIC amplifier designs including broadband amplifier MMICs covering DC to 50 GHz as well as high-frequency 70 and 80 GHz amplifier designs for E-band communication systems.

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E-Band MMICs

GigOptix E-band communication systemsGigOptix offers a suite of best-in-class E-band active and passive MMIC solutions that include power amplifier, power detector and Lange coupler MMIC for E-band communication systems.  GigOptix high-performance amplifier solutions enable transmission systems that enable industry leading high output power.

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Limiting & Differential Amps

GigOptix Limiting  Differential AmpsGigOptix's family of limiter amplifiers provides a wide range of high-performance options for virtually every critical design need.  The family includes limiter amplifiers with various gain and output amplitudes. The limiting amplifiers are fabricated in an established, reliable GaAs HBT process and are packaged in RoHS-6-compliant QFN package.

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Distributed & Power Amps

GigOptix Distributed  Power AmpsGigOptix has led the market in ultra-broadband power amplifier applications since its first 40GHz designs created in 2001. Since then, GigOptix has expanded its Distributed Amplifier design portfolio to cover DC to 40GHz and expanded its Power Amplifiers into E-band frequencies.

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Digital ICs

GigOptix Digital ICs for RFIn addition to a wide selection of RF MMICs, GigOptix designs and manufactures ICs for digital applications for both the lightwave and RF markets. GigOptix's expertise has yielded broadband delay line devices that have no equal in today's market.

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Surface Mounted Filters

52GigOptix offers a broad range of RoHS compliant surface mounted filters conveniently packaged in industry standard QFN packages that provide consistent pass or rejection bands with repeatable performance up to 42 GHz. 

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Fixed Attenuators

GigOptix fixed attenuatorsGigOptix offers a broad range of RoHS compliant fixed broadband GaAs attenuator MMICs with excellent return losses and very flat attenuation across the bandwidth.  The attenuators are available in surface mounted DFN packages with performance up to 30 GHz or as a die with performance extending up to 100 GHz.

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