GX62476Driver Offers Lowest Power Consumption in a Small Form Factor, Surface Mount Solution For Coherent CFP and CFP2 Modules

GigOptix, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced high speed semiconductor components for use in long-haul, metro, Cloud and data center connectivity, consumer electronics and interactive applications, announced its newest linear quad-channel modulator driver, the GX62476, for low-power coherent metro applications.

The GX62476 extends GigOptix’s telecom driver market leadership position into metro applications with a quad-channel, 32Gbps solution offering the lowest power dissipation of less than 1.1W/channel at a 5VPP swing using 5V supply voltage and 0.75W/channel at a 3VPP swing using a 3.3V supply voltage. The GX72476 linear driver is optimized for use with available low drive voltage Lithium Niobate and Indium Phosphide optical modulators, requiring single ended drive to provide the industry’s lowest power consumption with the best linearity solution in a small form factor SMT package for coherent CFP and CFP2 modules.

“The GigOptix GX62476 quad-channel 32Gbps linear driver has demonstrated leading-edge market performance with the lowest power dissipation,” said Marco Cipriani, Sr. Director of Engineering at GigOptix, Inc. “We are very excited with the customers response and market uptake since the introduction of our GX62476 linear driver. GigOptix continues its history of leadership and innovation with the GX62476 introduction for the metro market with low-power consumption products to enable the next wave of growth through low cost pluggable CFP and CFP2 modules.”

The GX62476 was designed for very low total harmonic distortion, at both 5VPP and 3VPP, and very low group delay variation to address linear coherent metro applications. The GX62476 also has a 27GHz typical 3dB bandwidth and provides for adjustable output voltage. The miniaturized SMT package is ideal for the high level of integration required by the CFP2 form factor and reduced power operation requirements.

The GX62476 is sampling now and will ship in full production volumes starting in Q2 of this year. Please contact GigOptix for sample availability and pricing information.