Low Geometry ASICThe ASIC Sunrisefamilyof products will deploy the GigOptix' customizable CMOS ASIC solutions at 40 nm and 28 nm, geometries. GigOptix' robust ASIC Sunrise capability will address the emerging and fast-growing markets of industrial intense computation that are the growth engines for many rapidly developing areas such as high-performance computers (HPC), super-computers, mega-datacenters, and algorithm-intensive cryptographic devices such as those utilized in data encryption.

The Sunrise ASIC road map has been developed in response to wide interest expressed from legacy and new customers that wish to enjoy the significant benefits of the legacy Sunset-Rescue program, but through the modern low-geometries deployed now by various foundries, in order to enable their low power consumption and increased processing speed. With the release of the GigOptix ASIC Sunrise family of products to compliment the Sunset Rescue product family which provides a direct pin for pin compatible replacement strategy for FPGA and ASIC device designs at 65 nm and larger transistor sizes such as 0.13 um, 0.18 um, 0.25 um and 0.6 um,

GigOptix now offers the complete spectrum of processes to be deployed by its various industrial customers, mainly in the high-speed communication, intense-computing, test and measurement, and mil-aero markets. Customers will be able to utilize GigOptix' ASIC Sunrise and immediately benefit from these customized ASICs primarily with low production costs and rapid design cycles.

In addition, customers will enjoy other benefits associated with small transistor geometry, such as reduced chip area, faster data rates, low power consumption, and increased gate counts and densities for highly-integrated systems on chips (SoC). Our ASIC Sunrise technology combined with our existing IP,and also the fact that we are not bound to a single CMOS process, now gives us a comprehensive ASIC portfolio with a path to address a much larger spectrum of our customers' ASIC applications.

Design Flow

GigOptix spends considerable development effort to ensure that taping out an ASIC design is straight forward, predictable and low risk. GigOptix utilizes industry standard tools from Cadence, Synopsys, Magma (now Synopsys), Syntest and Mentor Graphics and follows silicon-proven reference flows from foundries.

ASIC Design Flow for body of product