Murata Develops Front-end Modules for WiFi and Bluetooth Applications

Murata Electronics North America announced the launch of its latest front-end modules for WiFi and Bluetooth® applications. Murata's Microwave Monolithic Integrated Devices (MMID®) integrate the company's power amplifier, low noise amplifier and switching product into single packages for both the 2.45 and 5 GHz bands (respectively numbered MDFE2PFA-022 and...
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Murata Introduces Chip Ferrite Beads

Murata Electronics North America introduced the BLM15AX_SN series, an advanced ferrite bead that lowers DC resistance by up to 60 percent compared to previous models. As part of Murata's expanding electromagnetic interference filter (EMIFIL™) line, the chip ferrite bead was developed with new ceramic materials and processing technologies that...
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An Ultraminiature Switch Connector for Testing Wireless Equipment

An ultraminiature switch connector that provides miniature, low cost test points in compact RF PCBs with little or no effect on circuit performance
PRODUCT FEATURE An Ultraminiature Switch Connector for Testing Wireless Equipment Murata Electronics North America Smyrna, GA E mbedding test points in today's miniature RF circuit boards has traditionally been a problem because of the amount of PCB space required and the intrusive effects to the circuit's performance. The benefits...
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