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Amplifiers To 3 GHz

MITEQNPR-012PhotosmallMITEQ recently released a new 40 page catalog of their complete Bipolar Amplifier line up to 3 GHz.  This catalog features low noise, medium power, wide band, MRI, cellular/PCN and INMARSAT bands.

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High Performance Comb Generator Multipliers

A new line of comb generator multiplier products is featured
A comb generator is a device with outputs that are multiple harmonics of an input signal. The output spectral tone lines are uniformly spaced at integer multiples of the input reference. A spectrum analyzer display of the output looks much like the teeth of a comb, which is how...
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Miniature, Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers

A miniature, cryogenically cooled, low noise amplifier that provides a reliable, easy-to-use solution for improving system sensitivity is featured on this month's cover
Miniature, Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers MITEQ Inc. Hauppauge, NY The ability to cause improvement in a GaAs amplifier's noise figure performance by decreasing the base plate temperature has been common knowledge for many years. Various industries and disciplines such as radio astronomy and satellite communications have taken advantage of...
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