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Cycles for Mega-Hertz (or mega hurts?)

Biking at IMS 2018

So, with IMS 2018 fast approaching, I have been looking at possible local rides while reaching out to fellow riders from our industry who might be interested in hitting the road with me. We can all agree that time is hard to come by at IMS and so flexibility is paramount. With this in mind, I have proposed one longer ride on Monday morning (6am) from Downtown Philly (Rocky Statue) to Valley Forge. This flat route along the Schuylkill (ask a local how to pronounce it, I get corrected every time) is 45 miles round trip, but riders can shorten it to any length to fit their schedules. I’ve named this ride the Valley Forge Fondo. Throughout the rest of the week, riders are encouraged to meet daily, if they choose, again at the Rocky Statue (5:30 a.m.) for rides that fit their own time constraints.

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