Programmable Attenuator Unit Series

API 8321_Front_RightWeinschel, an API Technologies company announces a series of programmable attenuator units that offer a streamlined approach in programmable attenuation for bench test and subsystem applications. Models 8320 and 8321 house and control various Weinschel programmable attenuator models (3200-XE, 3400, 150T, and 4200 Series) via front panel controls, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and Serial communications interfaces.

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PIM Fixed Attenuators & Terminations

254_rightWeinschel's low PIM products offer a rugged construction low profile design free of solder joints that covers DC to 6.5 GHz, with power handling up to 175 W average and IM3 levels as low as -150 dBc output and -120 dBc reflected dependent on dB value. Model 254 is available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 dB. Other features include quality connectors with special high temperature support beads and choice of Type N or SMK (2.92 mm).

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6 GHz Programmable Attenuators

34063408_smallWeinschel offers a series of 6 GHz relay switched programmable attenuators (Models 3406 & 3408) that are specifically designed for wireless/cellular, RF simulation/emulation & communication test applications. This series is available in many standard attenuation ranges and cell configurations (0 to 55 / 1 dB, 0 to 103/1 dB and 0 to 55.75 / 0.25 dB).

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SmartStep® Programmable Attenuators

3408T-103_100pxThis line of intelligent programmable step attenuators with a built-in digital interface are designed to simplify the control and integration of these devices into subsystem and bench applications. This series of programmable step attenuators is designed for use in automatic test equipment and OEM systems operating in the dc to 6 GHz frequency range. These models are available in many standard attenuation ranges and cell configurations.

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