Power Splitters & Dividers

  • Broadband Frequency Range - DC to 40 GHz
  • Widest Selection of connector types & Frequency
  • Express shipment available on select models.
  • 4-Way Designs Available
  • High Quality Construction & Connectors
  • Stable - Low temperature and power coefficients ensure operating stability.
Custom Designs Available on Request – Just contact us with your special requirement...
      - Broadband High Power
      - Low SWR\Return Loss
      - Unique Packaging
General Information
In this section of the catalog, each Resistive Power Splitter/Divider & Directional Coupler is outlined utilizing individual data sheets containing product features, specifications and outline drawings. These data sheets are preceded by a quick reference guide to help you select the product(s) that fits your needs. The page number for each product data sheet is given in the quick reference guide.

Weinschel offer a comprehensive product line of Power Dividers, and Power Splitters. Many of these standard products were designed for particularly demanding broadband requirements, SWR, and high power system applications. As with the development of all Aeroflex / Weinschel products, high performance at competitive prices is of paramount importance.

Express shipment available via www.argosysales.com or 800-542-4457. Check with distributor for current products and stocking quantities.