34063408_smallWeinschel offers a series of 6 GHz relay switched programmable attenuators (Models 3406 & 3408) that are specifically designed for wireless/cellular, RF simulation/emulation & communication test applications.

This series is available in many standard attenuation ranges and cell configurations (0 to 55 / 1 dB, 0 to 103/1 dB and 0 to 55.75 / 0.25 dB).

Each cell contains a double-pole, double-throw relay that provides a zero path or attenuated path for the RF signal. Micro-strip circuitry and special compensation techniques produce flat attenuation versus frequency characteristics. The micro-strip construction, using thin-film circuit elements, ensures product uniformity. To minimize RF leakage, the 3406 and 3208 Series Attenuators are provided with gold-plated contact areas and feedthrough filters at each control terminal.

Other features include SmartStep® (Models 3406T & 3408T) & optional TTL control circuitry; low SWR 1.45; maximum insertion loss is less than 5.00 dB @ 6 GHz (for eight cell units); rugged construction & SMA connectors.

These units are also available in the Aeroflex / Weinschel’s SmartStep® Single or Multi-channel Attenuator Units (8310 and 8311 Series) Custom designs and configurations available.

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