Accel-RF announces Quantum SMART bench-top semiconductor test system

Accel-RF Instruments Corp., the worldwide leader in turn-key reliability and performance characterization test systems for compound semiconductors, has “unplugged” the industry-leading RF SMART Fixture from their automated test platform and made it available for bench-top testing. “Quantum-SMART” enables concurrent testing for reliability validation, performance-characterization, and product qualification through RF-biased burn-in and product functional testing.

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Accel-RF Announces Shipment of Reliability Test Systems to Customers in Asia

Accel-RF Corp. announced the successful shipment and installation of two advanced semiconductor reliability test systems to customers in Asia. The systems were delivered in Q4 of 2010 with installation completed in early January 2011. Shipped to both government research and commercial entities, these systems will be instrumental in the...
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