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Accel-RF Instruments Corp. has released an 80 channel RF, high temperature operational life (HTOL) measurement system to help GaN technology move from research novelty to market reality. Test requirements for RF power amplifier devices and modules are moving beyond basic qualification and compliance standards to more stringent RF-biased HTOL testing. Accel-RF’s RF, HTOL platforms can identify device wear-out and performance degradation to end-of-life (EOL) expectations, usually measured in millions of hours. Their platform is the only available instrument that complies with aerospace, government and commercial RF semiconductor burn-in standards.

The genesis of the RF HTOL measurement system was Accel-RF’s highly developed and field-proven automated accelerated reliability test system (AARTS). Accel-RF’s systems deliver a plug and play platform with performance over a wide range of RF frequencies and power levels. AARTS is a turnkey system that incorporates all of the capability needed for accelerated aging and parametric testing of RF semiconductor devices. System capacity is expandable from 16 to 80 channels with features that can be adapted to device package type, power level and frequency range. The platform includes powerful software for data acquisition, storage and presentation. Customers can choose system features to meet their technical needs and capital budgets. In addition to reducing cost, Accel-RF’s modular solutions accelerate time-to-market, saving months of product development.

Accel-RF is a leader in supplying equipment for high temperature RF reliability testing on compound semiconductors such as GaN and SiC. The company offers the world’s only line of modular, fully integrated and completely automated accelerated life test systems, designed to service a wide range of semiconductor technologies. These systems have supported the technology development, product launch and industry adoption of GaN transistors and integrated ICs for space, military and commercial wireless markets. 

Accel-RF Instruments Corp.
San Diego, Calif.