Articles by AtlanTecRF, Braintree, U.K.

AtlantecRF Phase Locked Voltage Controlled Oscillator (low res)

APV Series of Phase Locked Voltage Controlled Oscillators

AtlanTecRF announced the launch of its APV Series of Phase Locked Voltage Controlled Oscillators. These compact oscillator units find application in communication systems as a high quality local oscillator with the ability to lock to a high stability external reference of 10 or 100 MHz. The fixed output frequency can be in the range from 10 MHz to 32 GHz and is at a minimum level of +13 dBm.

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AtlanTecRF Announces Another Innovative Cable Design to Popular Test Cable Range

Ultra Flexible Low Loss Test Cables

AtlanTecRF announced the launch of its range of ultra flexible low loss test cables. The new APC series features a degree of flexibility not previously seen in assemblies of this type. Key to its ultra flexible performance is the unique cable construction in five layers from a silver plated copper centre conductor through low density PTFE dielectric, silver plated copper shield and silver plated copper outer shield, to the polyurethane jacket.

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BLR series of ethernet

BLR Series Of Ethernet

AtlanTecRF announced the launch of its new BLR series of ethernet controllable LTTs (loop test translators) in convenient bench instruments. With models designed for operation in both Ku and Ka bands, these portable items of satcom test kit can be easily transported to the test location and set up for either local operation or remote operation via ethernet with a GUI.

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Frequency Synthesiser with GUI: ASY-0050-2000

AtlanTecRF announced the launch of the miniature 0.5 to 20 GHz frequency synthesiser with GUI. Minimum set-up and easy operation are key features of the compact synthesiser, designated ASY-0050-2000, covering the full 0.5 to 20 GHz range. In addition to the ultra broadband range the 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.1 inch housing is packed with performance including 1 KHz step size, +/-0.5 ppm frequency stability over a -10 to +70 degree C operating temperature range and RS485 control with easy-to-use GUI.

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ACH series2

High Velocity Cable Assemblies: ACH Series

AtlanTecRF, a leading global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, announced the latest addition to its stable of high performance cable assemblies - the ACH series of high velocity products available in frequency ranges of DC-18, DC-26.5, DC-40 and DC-50 GHz. With velocity of propagation of 83%, the standard assemblies are available from stock  in lengths of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 metres. 

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