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AOX-010200 A Miniature, Small Signal, LNA

AOXSeriesLAmplifier with super wide frequency and temperature range that is possibly the world’s most versatile amplifier has just been announced by AtlantecRF, the UK based microwave components and equipment manufacturer, in that it is capable of operating over a temperature range from -269C (4K) to +100C at frequencies from 1 to 20 GHz.

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AtlanTecRF PIN Switches

PINswitch100Single pole single yhrow; two throw; three throw, four throw, eight throw. Frequency Range: 0.02- 18GHz, TTL control, absorptive & reflective, octave & multi-octave, high isolation, low insertion loss. Operating temperature ranges from -55C to +85C. Stock availability.

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AtlanTecRF Loop Test Translators

LoopTestTrThe ALT series of LTTs are designed to replace the satellite link for test and alignment of earth station systems operating in S,C,X,Ku,Ka or DBS frequency bands. Incorporating fundamental frequency phase locked oscillators and double balanced mixers, the translators block convert frequencies from uplink to either downlink or L-band for instantaneous monitoring.

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AtlanTecRF Isolators & Circulators

IsolatorsCirFrequency Range: 800 MHz to 23 GHz, Octave & Standard Bands, compact design, internal load, SMA Connectors. Coaxial Isolators (ACI-2000 series) and Circulators (ACC-20000 series) are designed for low power applications. Custom frequency ranges, specifications and configurations may also be reviewed for quotation.

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Cable Assemblies


ASF Series: Reformable Copper/Tin Composite & ASR Series: Reformable Aluminium Semi-Rigid. AtlanTecRF’s ASF and ASR series of coaxial cable assemblies provides the microwave system designer with a versatile solution to equipment and sub-assembly cabling without the need for detailed design of semi-rigids.

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