Super-regenerative Receiver

This article describes the super-regenerative receiver (SRR), a device widely used in short distance telemetry and remote control applications. The difficulty in modeling the regenerative behavior served as the basis for “cut and try” methodology based on results obtained from the simplified model using a conventional approach. This work presents the SRR behavior to practical implementations by dynamically controlling the injection-mode levels of the super-regenerative oscillator (SRO) for optimum sensitivity and dynamic ranges.
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Noise Minimization Techniques for RF and MW Signal Sources

Low noise RF and microwave (MW) signal sources (oscillator/VCOs) are crucial for the development of high bit rate wireless link multi-standard systems such as point-to-point radios or multipoint radios. Since the oscillator/VCO is one of the key contri...
The phenomenon of phase noise generation in oscillator/VCOs has been the main focus of important research efforts and is still an open issue, despite significant gains in practical experience and modern CAD tools for design. In the design of oscillator/VCOs, minimization of the phase noise is the prime task...
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