Using the Web to untangle wireless

IEEE launches online site to prepare for technologies certification program
With WiMAX and Wi-Fi and fixed and mobile and 3G and 4G and LTE and LMDS, just defining “wireless” is a headache- inducing chore. The need to clarify is important enough, however, that the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) has launched a Web site to provide detailed information, ongoing...
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DragonWave XOHMs in on WiMAX backhaul

Sprint tabs Canadian vendor for deployments in Baltimore/Washington and Chicago
Sprint may be combining its XOHM network and operations and name and everything else with Clearwire, but that’s not going to happen until December and there’s a little matter of rolling out initial WiMAX deployments before that. There’s also the boodle of last-minute bits and pieces needed to make...
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SMB spending outstrips economy

Report says IT, telecom spending three times GDP growth
A report by Access Markets International (AMI) contends that IT and telecom spending by U.S. small and medium businesses (SMB) was three times higher (6.5 percent versus 2.2 percent) than the nation’s GDP. A hefty portion of the spending is attributable to the natural movement of vendors who have...
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Mobile WiMAX heads for the hills

DigitalBridge deployed in Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Of the 14 markets it’s already serving with fixed and portable WiMAX service, DigitalBridge Communications (DBC) thinks Jackson Hole, Wyo. is the place to launch its first mobile WiMAX service. Using Alvarion’s technology and 193 MHz of spectrum in the 2.5 GHz range, DBC is already up and running...
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Sprint Nextel’s Launch Puts the ‘Why?’ in WiMAX

If 2007 is, as some have suggested, the year WiMAX enters the telecom fray for real, then Sprint Nextel is carrying the banner onto the battlefield.
If 2007 is, as some have suggested, the year WiMAX enters the telecom fray for real, then Sprint Nextel is carrying the banner onto the battlefield. With plenty of 2.5 GHz spectrum and the initiative to use it, the carrier could change the telecom landscape. In March, Sprint Nextel...
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Sprint Nextel hedges wireless bets

U.S. carrier is pursuing a twin-pronged broadband wireless strategy — WiMAX and 3G — and a partnership with cable operators.
In March, Sprint Nextel made two simultaneous and — some might argue — contradictory announcements about its broadband wireless strategy. The US carrier underlined its intention to launch WiMAX this year via a thick swathe of 2.5 GHz spectrum it owns — even going so far as to call...
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More Than Hedging Bets

Nokia Siemens Networks Finds Use For Flexi Platform As It Expands To WiMAX
Nokia Siemens Networks didn’t have to look very far—or do much development work—to create a base station platform for the 2.5/3.5 GHz WiMAX radios it will be deploying in 2008 as part of Sprint Nextel’s nationwide WiMAX rollout. Everything the vendor wanted to provide its customers--smaller size, improved power...
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NextWave Acquires IPWireless

Adds Another Piece To Expanding Mobile Broadband Technology Offering
NextWave Wireless will spend up to $135 million to add IPWireless’ TD-CDMA technology to its already packed technology portfolio as yet another piece in a “customer-driven” mobile broadband offering, the company promises. That extra piece, however, might not be so easily digested for a company that has shown a...
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Ricochet Hits Denver

WISP Launching ‘Wi-Fi In the Mile High’
Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) Ricochet Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeraBeam, will use a scalable Wi-Fi mesh network to deliver wireless broadband services to the city and county of Denver, starting in the city’s Capitol Hill and Golden Triangle neighborhoods. Sister company Proxim Wireless is providing mesh...
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IBM Gets $4 Million Wireless Contract From Brownsville, Texas

IBM Will Help Brownsville Develop A Network To Empower City Groups
IBM has entered into a $4 million agreement with Brownsville, Texas to develop and implement a WiMAX-Wi-Fi municipal wireless network that will primarily serve to improve operational efficiencies within city agencies. “They’re really focusing on the real business value of these network,” said Riz Kaliq, global business executive for...
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