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Global Autonomous Vehicle Market to Grow at a CAGR of 20.78% from 2018-2028

Market report from Report Linker

The global automotive industry is going through a period of wide-ranging and transformative changes with the shift in the consumer behavior as well as increasing implementation of stringent environmental regulations. Factors such as rising safety and security concerns, increasing demand for reliable transportation system, and advent of revolutionary trends, such as transition from car ownership to "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS), are expected to increase the demand for autonomous vehicles.

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Professor Rappaport Urges Support of the Basic Tenets of Amateur Radio

Write the FCC to file comments in favor of RM-11831

To preserve the basic tenets of amateur radio, I see an urgent need for the engineering community to write to the FCC in droves, and to file comments in favor of RM-11831, and to support the concept of all ham radio data being open for reception by the public and would be hobbyists. Engineers need to pay it forward, and support open source and available decoding for transparency in ham radio. Write to the FCC and congress today to keep the airwaves open for all.

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